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World Cup 2022: Possible opponents of Portugal in the play-off

World Cup 2022: Possible opponents of Portugal in the play-off

Portugal will be in hem of reaching the 2022 World Cup and already knowing that he will be one of the six seeded in the semi-final draw, a one-handed stage he plays and hosts, as one of the six best runners-up. European qualifying group stage.

The team led by Fernando Santos has scored 17 points in eight matches and will be in the first pot of the tournament november 26 lottery. Russia is already certain. And this is where something to consider for these final calculations comes in: the Russians scored 22 points in group H, but since there are groups of five and groups of six, the points they added to the last ranking in their group (in this case, six against Malta) ) is not counted in the equation, which it would do with the math of all of the runners-up in the group. However, the Russian team, with 16 points, will always be one of the top six riders.

For the Supplementary Draw, Pot 1, as described above, will be made up of the top six contestants from the qualifying groups. Pot 2 will feature the worst four seconds, as well as the two best Nations League group winners from 2020/2021 (in league order, A to D) who were not in any of the top spots in the groups.

Who’s already in the qualifiers: Eight out of 12 locations selected, but with differences

In total, eight of the 12 spots were selected for the playoff match. Plus Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, North Macedonia (all of them in the correct second place in the group), Austria (qualified by the League of Nations), Wales and the Czech Republic (one of them by way of second place in the group). Group E, another via the League of Nations) already in the play-off. However, of those, Scotland, Sweden, Wales and the Czech Republic still don’t know if they will be in Pot 1 or 2. They are still counting on the final round in the unfinished groups, which will take place between these groups. Monday and Tuesday.

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North Macedonia, who is second in Group J, qualifies for pot 2. She had 18 points, but only 12 of them count, because they were also in a six-team group and had six points against Liechtenstein, the last in their group. Austria will also be in that bet: it finished fourth in Group F, but appears to have taken back via the League of Nations (LN), after winning Group B1 in the 2020/2021 edition of the competition. The other choice that goes to hem Via the League of Nations, it will be, as previously mentioned, Wales (because it won the LN Group B4) or the Czech Republic (the winner of Group B2).

Definitely in pots:
Friend 1:
Portugal, Russia
Friend 2: North Macedonia, Austria
Bring 1 or 2 (?): Sweden, Scotland, Wales, Czech Republic + runner-up from Groups C, D, G and I

With this, Portugal are already certain they can host North Macedonia or Austria in the semi-finals, but could have strong or even stronger names along the way.

Who will fill the other four stadiums?

Someone will leave Group C: Enter Italy where Switzerland, one of them goes to the play-off. The other will come from group D: Enter Finland where UkraineOne of them will be the runner-up. From Group G, another team will be eliminated from their play-off HollandAnd Turkey NS Norway. Finally, from the first group, another selection will appear: England where Poland.

Remember or shape

The draw for the European qualification for the World Cup 2022, which will include a total of 12 teams, will determine three tracks, each with four teams, which will play the semi-finals with one hand (24 and 25 March 2022). ). The final winners of each track, who also played in one match (March 28 and 29, 2022) will qualify for the 2022 World Cup. track. In the final, unlike the semi-finals, the home team is chosen by lot.

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