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World of Tanks is having an event with Arnold Schwarzenegger

World of Tanks is having an event with Arnold Schwarzenegger

World of Tanks – Festive Ops 2

Photo: War Games / Disclosure

One of the players’ favorite events from world of tanks, as festive operations There will be a special guest there at the end of the year: the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger He will be present at the Christmas event of the war game.

The announcement was made by the actor himself, in a funny trailer in which Arnold receives a letter from a fan, little Giouzinho, who dreams of having him at a Christmas party in his village. The details are that the message arrived several years late, as Schwarzenegger found out when he landed in the village and met Gawazinho. Watch the trailer for Ceremonial Operations 2:

Working with the Wargaming team on this special event has been an amazing experience and I know it’s something players will love.Arnold said. “I have a long history with tanks because I own an M-47 Patton which I flew in the Austrian Army when I was 18, so I know the excitement of driving these steely beasts! After years of having my friends on Reddit asking me about World of Tanks, I’m glad we can finally give fans the partnership they crave so much. Festive operations are coming, so put the French toast aside and get ready to come with me if you want to spread the festive cheer this year!

Festive Ops is a favorite event in the World of Tanks community and takes place during the festive season and New Year’s Eve, when players are tasked with decorating a special in-game village with a huge variety of decorations and other items of different styles. As carriers add items to this village, the festive atmosphere increases and with each new level they reach, they are rewarded with awesome in-game items.

World of Tanks is the first multiplayer online multiplayer game dedicated to fighting tank wars. Take part in epic armored battles with players from all over the world. Its arsenal includes more than 600 armored vehicles from 11 countries, carefully detailed with historical accuracy.

World of Tanks is available for free, for Android, iOS, PC, Mac, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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