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Worried about the new virus variant: - The most mutated version to date

Worried about the new virus variant: – The most mutated version to date

Nearly two years after the coronary pandemic, the world is now facing a new type of coronavirus. The World Health Organization called the new variant Omikron.

The assessment from ECDC notes that “the overall risk level for the EU/EEA associated with the SARS-CoV-2 Omikron variant is considered to be high to very high”.

The variant first discovered in South Africa was discovered in Israel by a person who traveled from Malawi, as well as in Botswana, Hong Kong and Belgium.

She says that the new alternative to the virus has not yet been discovered in Norway FHI on their websites.


A committee from the World Health Organization has classified the new virus variant as a variant of concern. The news agency wrote that the dominant delta variable falls into the same category AP.

Omikron is the fifth variant now identified as a concern by the World Health Organization.

According to British health authorities, the new virus variant contains a spike protein that is completely different from the original coronavirus, the news agency writes. Reuters.

The World Health Organization states that early studies indicate that this new type of virus has an increased risk of reinfection compared to other variants. This means that people who were previously diagnosed with the virus can be exposed to infection again.

The World Health Organization has reported that it may take several weeks before we have an answer on whether current vaccines can provide good enough protection against the new virus variant.

This new type of virus is very worrying. It’s the most mutated version of the virus we’ve seen so far, says Lawrence Young, a virologist at the University of Warwick in the UK.

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I do not accept the restrictions

Many states have now introduced stricter entry rules. This prompted South African Health Minister Jo Bhalla to respond.

Bhalla believes that world leaders are overly focused on finding scapegoats to deal with a global problem.

During a press conference, Bhalla reports that South Africa has acted openly, and that the travel ban is a violation of WHO standards, he writes. Aljazeera.

The UK is one of several countries that have imposed stricter entry restrictions after the discovery of the new virus variant.

South African Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor was quick to denounce the travel ban. to me BBCPandor sees the restrictions hurting tourism and business, and urges the British government to reconsider the decision.

Develops a new vaccine

US pharmaceutical giant Novavax has begun work on developing a vaccine that works better against the new virus variant, Omikron.

A spokesperson said the new virus vaccine should be ready for testing within two weeks. Reuters.

I got the news on the company Share the price By about 9 percent on Friday.

The company’s vaccine contains a copy of the spike protein for the coronavirus, which stimulates the body’s immune system. The vaccine developers say work has begun on developing a spike protein based on the B. 1.1.529 variant.

Novavax corona virus vaccine has been approved in Indonesia and the Philippines. The company recently applied for EU approval, which means Novavax will soon be the fifth covid-19 vaccine manufacturer in the EU.

closed borders

Several European countries have suspended direct flights from South Africa Examination and quarantine requirements have been introduced for all arrivals from the region. This is due to the new variant of the Corona virus that was discovered in South Africa.

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On Friday, the United States and Canada followed suit and closed borders to travelers from this part of the world.

For the United States, this applies to travelers from South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini, Mozambique and Malawi. However, US citizens will be able to return home from these countries.

However, there are exceptions for US citizens returning from these countries.

Canada closes the border to anyone who has been to South Africa in the last 14 days, but it also makes exceptions for its own citizens.

However, mandatory on-arrival testing is being offered to Canadians arriving from the region, with quarantine orders until a negative test result is available.

Travelers who have arrived in Canada from South Africa in the past two weeks are also required to test themselves.