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Would you buy a printer that was previously used to mine cryptocurrency?

Would you buy a printer that was previously used to mine cryptocurrency?

Since the middle of 2020, cryptocurrencies have rebounded in popularity and raised their value to staggering amounts. However, some countries, such as China, have shown mining and cryptocurrency payments a red card, causing a strong shakeup in this market.

As such, many Chinese miners have chosen to sell their equipment at a lower price. So, in our weekly question, we want you to tell us if you would buy a graphics card that was previously used for cryptocurrency mining. Involved.

Would you buy a graphics card that was previously used to mine cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency mining is an activity practiced by thousands of users around the world. We recently interviewed our readers and nearly half of the respondents. Sure Who owns or invests in some digital currencies.

But as tempting as mining cryptocurrency can be, there is another downside. First contact because this is a very unstable market. For example, if the value of Bitcoin in April of this year was more than 53 thousand euros, It is currently valued at €28,500. On the other hand, we have environmental and energy issues, and recently, it was news that a The mining system heated a glacial lake in New York.

Consequently, these and other issues have already prompted some countries to rein in cryptocurrency mining and payments. The China It was one of those countries, and right after this blockade, the cryptocurrency market suffered. This is because nearly half of the bitcoins are mined from the Asian country.

As a result, Chinese miners began selling their graphics cards, which are mainly used to mine the cryptocurrency Ethereum. In this sense, sales of GPUs like Nvidia's GeForce RTX 3070 for only €339 it's at RTX 3060 for $270.

However, when purchasing this device, it should be borne in mind that these printers work intensively and are exposed to high temperatures 24 hours a week. As such, they are not expected to show slightly inferior performance and condition than newer models, but thus a significant cost. In some severe cases, graphics cards can get files In this case.

So we want you to tell us if you are going to buy a graphics card previously used for cryptocurrency mining.

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