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WWE angered by Daniel Bryan's move in AEW

WWE angered by Daniel Bryan’s move in AEW

The possible coming of Daniel Bryan and C m Bank to me AEW Mess with the world wrestlingAnd as expected, more than the fans’ reaction, many are waiting to know the reaction of WWE.

According to Andrew Zarian audio notation Mat Men Pro Wrestling, as far as these two wrestlers are concerned, WWE is more angry about Daniel Bryan’s signing with AEW than CM Punk.

The journalist explained that there were many rumors about Vince McMahon being angry at signing the fighters with AEW, but as he knows, Daniel Bryan has disappointed the WWE President, but no one is completely angry about CM Punk doing it either.

As he’s been told, WWE officials believe CM Punk’s defeats in UFC They hurt him and thought it was not worth it, many still remember what it was like working with “Second City Saint” when he was unhappy in the company, and this is the memory they keep about him.

Andrew Zarian also explains that a TV station (FOX) isn’t too happy about CM Punk signing with AEW, but in WWE that feeling boils down to only Daniel Bryan.

Which do you think is the best signature from AEW, Daniel Bryan or CM Punk?

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