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WWE changed Big E . achievement date

WWE changed Big E . achievement date

a Big E wins the WWE Championship It was the most important moment Monday Raw Definitely one of the biggest events of the year. However, it was something that was not expected to happen this week.

Andrew Zarian does audio notation Matt Maine Pro wrestlingOh cash inflows A new day for the success of the strong man in the ancient era now WWE Champion Bobby Lashley has always been WWE’s plan, but it will happen on the original date of the ring draft. rawAnd scheduled for August 30 and postponed to 4th of next October.

Thus, WWE decided to change the date of the ultimate victory for the mighty fighter, and then great and done teases That he had actually intended to use “Mr. Money In The Bank became world champion for the first time,” blushing a “new face” at the top of Raw.

Fightful’s Shawn Ross Sapp is moving forward even as WWE has made several changes to Raw and NXT This week, as a prediction for the WWE Championship match between Bobby Lashley and Randy Orton and cash inflows from big, Samoa Joe relinquished the NXT Championship, among other things.

Do you think WWE did a good job in a situation cash inflows Big E this week?

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