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WWE considers Adam Cole an 'outgoing' company

WWE considers Adam Cole an ‘outgoing’ company

Adam Cole may leave WWE and go to AEW It has been one of the main topics of the past few weeks, and Despite some clues, there is still something assured regarding the future of the former leader of the “Undisputed Era”.

Now, what is known is that Adam Cole terminates WWE contract extension It’s Friday, so from tomorrow you’ll be free to go to any other company and without the usual 30 or 90-day no-competition requirement WWE only says goodbye to Superstars.

At the moment and according to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, that appears to be exactly what will happen. The journalist notes that WWE internally already considers contact with Adam Cole “over” and that the fighter will be leaving the company in the coming hours, presumably heading to All Elite. wrestling.

However, that could change if Adam Cole reaches a renewal deal with WWE. Dave Meltzer reported in this week’s wrestling newsletter that Vince McMahon really wants to keep the fighter In the company this has been speculated even for Smackdown this Friday, NS Stand up to Shinsuke Nakamura.

Starting Saturday, with Adam Cole contractually released from WWE, AEW will already be able to make a formal proposal to the former ERA undisputed leader, and he could soon appear in dynamite where frenzy.

Do you think Adam Cole would do well if he left WWE and went to AEW?