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WWE Edita Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch cross section

WWE Edita Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch cross section

This weekend there was no talk of anything other than the complete mess that Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch were involved in and that It caused the two of them to fall behind the scenes NS Which led to Quinn being escorted out of the ring.

I do not know Final Part No SmackDown We saw Charlotte Flair throw her title to the floor instead of giving it to Becky Lynch, who is no longer on the re-show. Brand blue.

In the ’emerge’ version of Smackdown On FOX on Saturday, In competition with dynamite, a WWE The moment you threw Charlotte Flair didn’t show up raw The women’s championship on the ground, where the audience showed it in the arena. However, WWE let go of the moment Becky Lynch threw the SmackDown Women’s Championship against Quinn.

This decision by WWE to cut short the moment Charlotte Flair threw the title to the floor well shows the company’s officials’ resentment over everything that happened.

It should also be noted that this iteration of the SmackDown series that aired on Saturday night on FOX is in competition with a program from AEWThe number of viewers reached about 578,000.

What do you think of WWE’s decision to edit the clip that happened on SmackDown between Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch?