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WWE Extreme Rules (9/26/2021) - Wrestling PT

WWE Extreme Rules (9/26/2021) – Wrestling PT

a WWE held on Sunday, September 26, and from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio, which is another venue Pay per view And this time it was strict rules.

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Watch the matches announced for WWE Extreme Rules


– Liv Morgan won Carmela (start view)
– New Day (WWE Champion big, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) venceram AJ Styles, Bobby Lashley & Omos
– Smackdown Tag Team Champions Osos Street wins
raw Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair Vincio Alexa Bliss

a report

– Liv Morgan beat Carmella (Kickboxing): Even before the match started, Carmella decided that insulting Liv Morgan was a good idea and her opponent went for her, and the former champion was only able to turn the match in her favor after cheating. Carmella dominated after that for a few minutes, but Liv Morgan recovered and turned the momentum in her favour, and was the first fighter to nearly win this match. As the minutes passed, the two fighters grew frustrated at not being able to win, and outside the ring, Liv Morgan turned the fight inside out, and got her right. STO and beat her competition.

New Day (WWE Champion Big E, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) venceram AJ Styles, Bobby Lashley & Omos: AJ Styles is literally out, taking control of Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston, after asking to go to the ring with WWE Champion Big E, who has one lariat The match turned and Bobby Lashley was called into the ring and his team dominated New Days for a few minutes, distraction outside the ring used All Mighty’s power to get Kofi Kingston into trouble and so his team began to dominate.

The trio of AJ Styles, Bobby Lashley & Omos has dominated for a long time, but it is known that Kofi Kingston was not easily defeated and managed to survive and do logo card To Xavier Woods who got in with everything, but after several blows, he was again at the mercy of “All Mighty”, but the new day fighter managed to launch the attack and did logo card To WWE Champion Big E and that went for him, he turned this fight upside down, and almost won yet Urunage.

Imminent victories began to emerge from the trio, and Big E ended up alone against his opponents, but when Bobby Lashley was going to SpearAJ Styles did the tag job and while he was getting ready to travel to colossal forearm‘All Mighty’ sweet reply and this mess, caused them to end up in the ring and hit Bobby Lashley. Spear in his teammate and the WWE Champion took the opportunity with big end In “All Mighty” he made New Day win this match.

– Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Usos venceram Street Earnings: Street profits fared better against the Usos, but as expected, it was a matter of time before the Smackdown Tag Team Champions made Montez Ford’s ribs their preferred attack target. After mastering it for several minutes, Montez Ford showed great resilience and was able to survive and do logo card To Angelo Dawkins who did his best and used his speed and strength to dominate the Street Profits in this match.

Both teams had several close victories, and the Usos looked like they would win after a great victory splash by Jimmy Uso, however, everyone also thought that Montez Ford after another ridiculous Frogsplash I would have won this battle, but the heroes were alive. In the end, the charismatic fighter was left alone with Usos and those after a Double Superkick that it double splash I managed to keep their Smackdown Tag Team Championships.

Behind the scenes, Big E was visibly angry and started insulting WWE Champion Big E and claimed that they didn’t have the guts to defend the title against him in a singles match. All Mighty ended the segment, challenging Big E in a Monday Raw match.

Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair Vincio Alexa Bliss: Alexa Bliss tried to use her unorthodox attack to get the momentum of the fight to her advantage, but “Queen” took control for a few minutes, but the lead candidate is always still fighting. Charlotte Flair was frustrated, because Alexa Bliss was surviving everything the hero had done. Near the end, Alexa Bliss almost won the match afterwards DDTBut the Queen’s feet found the rope and so she remained in the fight. In the end, Charlotte Flair caught Lily and dumped her on Alexa Bliss. big shoe followed by natural selection Thus, the hero retained her title.

After the fight ended, the “Queen” was not yet done with her work and chose Lilly again and tore off the Alexa Bliss doll, which ended up attacking her rival, but the champion was the one who won. Quarrel After the fight when he threw his opponent on the commentators’ table.

After Charlotte Flair left the scene, we had Alexa Bliss crying in the ring holding onto what was left of Lily, who ended up leaving the scene screaming, drooling as she continued to cry.

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