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WWE Hell in a Cell (05/06/2022)

WWE Hell in a Cell (05/06/2022)

The WWE Held this Sunday again Excellent live eventHell in a Cell, from Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois, broadcast on Peacock and WWE Network.


raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair won Asuka and becky lynch
– Bobby Lashley won Omos & MVP (handicap match)
– Kevin Owens defeated Ezekiel
– Doomsday (Edge, Damien Kahn and Rhea Ripley) defeated AJ Styles, Finn Balor and Liv Morgan
– Madcap Moss defeated Happy Corbin (no limited match)
The theory of the United States Champion in WWE beat Mustafa Ali
Cody Rhodes defeats Seth Rollins (Hell in a Cell Match)


Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair defeated Asuka and Becky Lynch: a opener The event started in a chaotic fashion, as the three fighters tried to gain control of this fight, something that Becky Lynch turned out to be achieving. The ‘Big Time Becks’ managed to dominate for a few minutes, after dominating both opponents, until Asuka used them strikes To balance it out, it’s still clear that “WWE EST’s” power and explosion turned the match upside down.

As the minutes went by, the near gains became more frequent, especially with Becky Lynch and Asuka using their serve, and we’ve also seen slam napkins It has to be broken.

In the final minutes it looked like we were going to get a new champion especially when “Big Time Becks” hit the target. slam napkins In Asuka, however, Bianca Belair knocked her old rival out of the ring and thus won the victory and retained her title.

Behind the scenes, Cedric Alexander went to try and talk to MVP, but MVP texted him and made it clear that they would never be linked again.

– Bobby Lashley won Omos & MVP (handicap match): Omos & MVP dominated Bobby Lashley largely due to the ‘Giant from Nigeria’ action, even getting ‘All Mighty’ past a hurdle around the ring.

In the final moments, the former WWE Champion started to fight, but everything seemed to indicate that Omos was still on the cusp of victory, Cedric Alexander came to the ring and caused the necessary distraction for “All Mighty” to go down. Spear In the “Giant Nigeria”, having applied then Heart Look In MVP, who had no choice but to surrender.

After the match ended, Bobby Lashley took the WWE Championship which was held by a fan and showed him his next step.

Kevin Owens defeated Ezekiel: Ezekiel surprised Kevin Owens and almost won in the first minute of this match, with drop the elbow From the third series. The “Prizefighter” was able to turn the momentum in his favor as the two were fighting outside the ring and dominated his opponent for several minutes. But Ezekiel managed to hold out and began to launch some offensive and balance this clash.

After several close victories for the fighters, Kevin Owens put his foot on the gas and after several hits, hit him. just awesome She won this competition.

– JudgeMenna Day (Edge, Damien Kahn and Rhea Ripley) defeated AJ Styles, Finn Balor and Liv Morgan: The match started strong, the fighters of both teams wanted to show service, and Liv Morgan and therefore her team were the best from the first minutes of this fight.

Judgment Day was able to isolate Finn Bálor and dominate for several minutes, but “Prince” attacked and managed to make logo card At AJ Styles who turned the match upside down, after she almost won colossal forearmDamien Priest never stopped counting.

In the next minutes, we had Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan want to win the match for their team, and it ended up being a mess, however, with impending victories showing.

In the end, Finn Balor was preparing to hit him Grace coup on the edge, but Rhea Ripley put herself in front of her leader, giving him time to avoid the Irish “stomping” and so the Hall of Famer crashed Spear And won the victory.

Behind the scenes, Bobby Lashley went to speak to Cedric Alexander and explained that he wasn’t doing it to help, but to avenge the way MVP and Omos treated him. “All Mighty” was glad that his friend was standing up for himself and wished him well.

– Madcap Moss defeated Happy Corbin (No Holds Barred Match): Madcap Moss came on strong and dominated for a while, but outside the ring, Happy Corbin turned this No Holds Barred match in his favor and dominated with the help of a chair.

However, Madcap Moss was enduring his opponent’s attack and also decided to use a chair to balance this fight. Outside the ring, Happy Corbin turned the momentum in his favor again, having decided to place the steps inside the ring, something that would turn against him, throwing Madcap Moss against them, after ending the fight, placing the chair in Happy Corbin’s and then hitting the chair with the steps and thus victorious in this Battle just as his opponent tried to hurt him.

The theory of the United States Champion in WWE beat Mustafa Ali: Mustafa Ali used his speed to control theory during the opening moments of this match, but the WWE United States Champion, with some cheating in the mix, put himself in control and thus dominated the home wrestler for several minutes.

Mustafa Ali managed to withstand the attack of the young champion and used his speed once again to gain some momentum and even some chances to win. In the last minutes, it seemed that we could have a new hero, especially when Mustafa Ali applied STFbut the theory escaped to 450 splash And he was able to submit A-Town Down Thus he retained the WWE United States Championship.

Cody Rhodes defeated Seth Rollins (Inferno in a Cell Match): Despite the very obvious injury, Cody Rhodes did his best to try and win the hell game of the cell match as fast as he could, but Seth Rollins made his opponent’s injured chest his favorite attack target.

The “Visionary” showed no remorse or respect and decided to put on his opponent’s coat and wear a belt bearing the name Dusty Rhodes to continue torturing the “American Nightmare”, but was able to take some offensive when he evaded Frogsplash That made Seth Rollins cross a table.

Now, that made it possible for Cody Rhodes to bring in a rope and we had our hands on Bullrobe match Inside the cage but despite the previous momentumAEW Seth Rollins regained control and almost won when he sent his opponent across the table with powerbomb.

When “Visionary” went for a sledgehammer, it nearly cost him a fight, as “American Nightmare” landed pedigree Victory nearly won him and the two fighters were getting closer and closer to achieving victory.

In the end, amazingly, Cody Rhodes took it all and after two Via Rhodes He took the hammer and hit his opponent and “American Nightmare” achieved his third victory in that rivalry.

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