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WWE Hell in a Cell (20/06/2021)

WWE Hell in a Cell (20/06/2021)

a WWE Broadcasting this Sunday from ThunderDome at Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida, it’s the last of its channels Pay per viewOh, WWE Hell in a Cell.

WWE Hell in a Cell is broadcast at 01:00 in Portugal or 21:00 in Brazil on the WWE Network. Subscription!

Watch these scheduled matches WWE Hell in a Cell


– Natalia beat Mandy Rose (Kick-Off)
Smackdown Women’s Champion Bianca Belair venceu Bailey (hell in a cell match)
– Seth Rollins won Cesaro
– Alexa Bliss venceu Shayna Baszler
Sami Zayn defeats Kevin Owens
– Charlotte Flair won raw Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley (by elimination)
WWE Champion Bobby Lashley venceu Drew McIntyre (Hell In a Cell Match)


Natalya defeated Mandy Rose (Kick-off): distance Quarrel In Raw, the match between these two began unexpectedly, with the two favoring a technique, with Mandy Rose eventually using some cheating to gain control of her side.

Mandy Rose dominated for several minutes, even showing great technical skills, as Natalya survived her opponent’s attack and eventually was able to apply it sniper Thus, he won this confrontation.

Smackdown Women’s Champion Bianca Belair venceu Bayley (Hell Match in a Cell): a opener The event was the first Hell In A Cell of the night, with Bianca Belair dominating the first few minutes against Bayley, but the “role model” showed her cunning and use of the ring, and started making the left shoulder of the “EST of the WWE” favorite attack target.

With the arms and cage in the mix, the momentum changed several times during the next minutes of this match, and Bayley always managed to get more control, showing off his experience inside the cage. After a slightly longer dominance, Bianca Belair turned the battle on its head, but a ladder was the salvation of a “role model” who had the first close victories in this hell in the cell, but in the end, Bianca Belair applied it cipher Against the ladder and thus retained the Smackdown Women’s Championship.

Then we went to Alexa Bliss Stadium who said that Lilly is still on the floor and that the blame for everything that will happen to Shayna Baszler is the Queen of Spades’ fault and not hers.

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Seth Rollins beat Cesaro: Seth Rollins attacked Cesaro from behind to open the match, but “Swiss Superman” turned the match in his favour for several minutes, but with some cheating in the mix we saw “Christ” put himself in control of this match. Seth Rollins dominated for several minutes, strong and strikes Cesaro was a problem for “Christ” that whenever he made a pin He was even more frustrated at not being able to beat his opponent.

When it looked as if Cesaro was in control, using several summons and while attacking the left arm of ‘Christ’, that person came out of nowhere with small group He surprised the “Swiss Superman” and won this match.

Even before the match, Shayna Baszler was interviewed and made it clear that she didn’t want to know what crazy Alexa Bliss had to say and that today she would end this story.

Alexa Bliss venceu Shayna Baszler: Shayna Baszler was on the offensive from the first second, but Alexa Bliss was never impressed, especially since the “Queen of Spades” couldn’t even look into her opponent’s eyes.

Alexa Bliss then put herself in control of the match, even hypnotizing Nia Jax who, on the “orders” of the strange fighter, cut Reginald and eventually, Alexa Bliss beat her. DDT before flying with Twisted Please And win the fight.

Sami Zayn defeats Kevin Owens: Kevin Owens did his best hoping to finish this match as soon as possible, as he was still feeling the effects ب Nigerian nail Captain Aziz, who was targeted in the last SmackDown.

But with some cheating, Sami Zayn turned the fight in his favour for a few minutes, and “Prizefighter” seemed to hit his left arm and what we saw next was insane. With a completely useless arm, the Prizefighter showed the reason for his motto “Fight, Owens, Fight” and gave it all, even putting his ex-boyfriend bleeding from his mouth, to which he responded with exactly the same aggressiveness.

Finally, Sami Zayn’s kick in the back of Kevin Owens’ head hit the rope, making way for the Great Liberator to hit him. helova kick And win the fight.

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Then we got footage of the Hell In a Cell match between WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Rey Mysterio that took place at Smackdown on Friday.

Charlotte Flair defeated Raw Champion Ripley (by disqualification): Charlotte Flair did not wait for the bell to attack Rhea Ripley and thus dominated her opponent for several minutes, making Nightmare’s left knee her preferred target for attack. Rhea Ripley never gave up and used her power to try to balance the conflict, but the “Queen” remained in control, but she was frustrated by her opponent not allowing herself to win.

In the end, aggression remained too high and Rhea Ripley was disqualified from the ring. After the fight ended, the fight continued between the two and it was ‘Nightmare’ who overcame him.

WWE Champion Bobby Lashley venceu Drew McIntyre (Hell In a Cell Match): aggressiveness in this The main event He patented the first second, as Drew McIntyre controlled the first few minutes with the help of a cage and some weapons, All Mighty started to get some attack with the help of an MVP stick, but still Bobby back met Lashley on the stairs when the Scottish Warrior applied his version From white noise.

Drew McIntyre showed his experience inside the cage, the Scotsman dominated for so long the WWE Champion was as alive as he could and was able to use all his strength to turn the fight inside out.

The referee ended up taking a chair and he was KO’d, and at that very moment he hit Drew McIntyre Future shock DDT, but there was no judgment to return pin, Being when the “Scottish Warrior” got Claymore kickIt was the MVP who stole the Scotsman’s chance to become the WWE Champion again. Drew McIntyre got revenge on the MVP by hitting him Claymore kick.

All this was a precious distraction for Bobby Lashley outside the ring to put into practice Heart LookThe two ended up crossing the table and thus this war continued.

In the end it looked like Drew McIntyre would once again win the WWE Championship as he prepared to hit it. Claymore kick, but the MVP distracted the Scotsman and “All Mighty” took the opportunity with pin Fast won this match and retained his title.

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