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WWE is implementing many changes to NXT 2.0

This Tuesday, and WWE Will usher in a ‘new era’ in NXT, which has been dubbed “NXT 2.0” in various promotional materials released in the past few hours, but many other changes have been made to to watch tonight.

Andrew Zarian does audio notation Matt Maine Pro wrestling, a Brand The development team will be using the term “NXT 2.0” for some time and will not be limited to this week’s show. The company wants to make sure fans understand that this is indeed a “new NXT,” something similar to what it did a few years ago withSmackdown live ‘when it is Brand Blue was broadcast live.

Besides the name and colors, another big change WWE will make on “NXT 2.0” will be in the performance center. The space is expected to be a little darker than it used to be, with a lot of color and it won’t be presented as the Capitol Wrestling Center, being referred to as “the home of NXT.”

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson notes that several changes have been made to NXT’s plans, including Relinquish the NXT Championship by Samoa Joe, thus Change to Fatal 4-Way Match It was previously marked, and NXT Women’s Championship match canceled, it’s the Announcing new battles.

Finally, Kevin Dunn on behind the scenes from NXT, but triple H Samoa Joe does not exist. All this caused a strange feeling ‘Insecurity’ in behind the scenes Is NXT, similar to what happens in main menuWith many stars unsure of their future in Brand e WWE.

Do you think all these changes might be detrimental to the future of NXT?

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