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WWE Raw (04/04/2022) - Wrestling PT

WWE Raw (04/04/2022) – Wrestling PT

after WrestleMania 38 last weekenda WWE Monday broadcast another edition of raw On USA Network from American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.


WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Naomi & Sasha Banks defeats Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan (without title match)
The Miz defeated Dominic Mysterio
– Braun Bricker won NXT Champion Dolph Ziggler
– Austin Theory and Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Usos defeated USA Champion Finn Bálor & Raw Tag Team Champions RK-Bro
– Street Profits won the Alpha Academy (Texas Tornado Tag Team Match)


one dimension video pack With some of the best moments from WrestleMania 38, the first Superstar to come to the ring was Cody Rhodes and he wasted no time in explaining that a lot was said about him for 47 days, but the truth is that it was an easy decision for him to come back to WWE and those doubts about his decision to return to WWE have dissipated. WrestleMania 38 match.

Then “American Nightmare” talked about his father and showed him a picture of Dusty Rhodes holding the WWF Championship and as much as he escaped his fate, at the age of eight he decided that one day he would get that title, and that title one day. It will go to your waist.

When Cody Rhodes was saying he was going to win the world title for himself, for the fans and in memory of his father, he ended up being interrupted by Seth Rollins, and after an intense face-to-face confrontation, we had a handshake, with the “Visionary” greeting “American Nightmare” before leaving the ring with a laugh.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Naomi and Sasha Banks defeated Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan (No Title Match): Rhea Ripley tried to put her power into play but the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions put their pace in the match and were able to dominate their opponents for a few moments, but ended up dominating them for a few minutes.

when i did naomi logo card To Sasha Banks, he turned that momentum in her favour, but Liv Morgan was holding out on offense and the two had several chances to win this. openerBut in the end the heroes turned the team and won the victory.

Once the match was over, Rhea Ripley, frustrated by the defeat, left the scene without greeting her teammate.

Soon after Kevin Owens was in the ring, he made it clear that he made a mistake by underestimating “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, but he also underestimated himself, because he had a weak back, but he put himself in danger to entertain the fans .. and to erase his defeat from books. Ezekiel stopped the fighter at the end (Elijah), but the latter mentioned that it is not Elias, but his younger brother, who is called Ezekiel.

“Prizefighter” lost his mind with this fighter’s conversation and ended up leaving the ring without a physical confrontation.

The Miz defeated Dominic Mysterio. Dominic Mysterio tried to use his speed, but the advantage with cheating turned the battle in his favor and with skull crushing finale He won the battle.

When The Miz was partying, we had the moment we had all been looking forward to and Veer Mahaan finally arrived at Raw, and the fighter immediately positioned himself by attacking Mysterios.

Then we had the new Women’s Raw champ Bianca Belair in the ring and I started thanking the fans and that at SummerSlam I knew things could be over in an instant, but at WrestleMania and after Becky Lynch tried to take it all away from her, that’s how I was able to win the Raw Women’s Championship. Then WWE EST stated that she is ready to defend her title against any fighter and that she will show why she is the best.

– Braun Breaker defeated NXT Champion Dolph Ziggler: Bron Breakker used his strength to gain some momentum, but Dolph Ziggler’s experience gave him some dominance, but nevertheless, the strength of the youngster was a problem for the hero who only managed to gain momentum from your side. The Showdown dominated for a few minutes, but the young man erupted turning the fight from the inside out, until Robert Roode attacked.

As the minutes ticked by, close wins often came, especially from Dolph Ziggler, which frustrated the NXT champion allowing Braun Brick to beat him. Spear followed by Military Press Powerslam Thus, the young man regained the NXT Championship.

Soon, we had MVP praise Bobby Lashley, after he immediately called “All Mighty” into the ring, and explained when he entered the ring with Omos he thought he had made a mistake, but when he threw him to the floor in Raw he realized he could win, All that was required was for the giant to make a mistake and that was what happened and victory was achieved.

Omos interrupted Bobby Lashley and demanded revenge and when it seemed like this was going to happen, MVP “All Mighty” attacked from behind and joined Omos in attacking the former WWE Champion, the attack ended after Double Hand Chokeslam.

Backstage, Liv Morgan went to speak with Rhea Ripley and “Nightmare” explained that she felt bad about what she had done and went to speak to Adam Pearce and asked him for a title match, and the request was granted.

In the ring, Queen Zelina took the microphone and blamed Carmela for losing the team’s titles and that her marriage upset her balance. The two ended up getting involved in Quarrel Which only Corey Graves stops, with the clip ending with the couple kissing.

Behind the scenes, Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Usos went on to tease Austin Theory and almost believed the noise He is Vince McMahon’s pick, but Bloodline is the WWE President. Austin’s theory was infuriated and explained that Pat McAfee was lucky and that Finn Balor would be destroyed today. The clip ended with their handshake, indicating that their plan had gone well.

– Austin Theory and Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Usos defeated USA Champion Finn Bálor & Raw Tag Team Champions RK-Bro: The trio of RK-Bro and Finn Bálor made a better start to this match, and only when Austin’s theory deceived the youth team and Usos were able to isolate Riddle and stay in control.

The range lasted several minutes, but the “Original Bro” managed to make logo card To Randy Orton who entered. Chaos ensued and we saw the six fighters in the ring allowing Austin theory to strike him ATL In Finn Balor thus won the victory.

Then we had Edge and he started talking about Damian Priest trying to suppress who he really is, just to try to please the fans. The Ranked Superstar then invited Archer of Shame into the ring and said he felt lost and that whenever he heard the Hall of Fame speak he felt like he was spinning around.

The two went on to talk about how they’re going to judge everyone who doesn’t respect their message, as Edge talked about AJ Styles and that, as expected, came to the ring and got rid of Damien Priest and hit Edge, until the former US Champion got back in the ring, and the two are still They hit the team kick and when they were getting ready to hit sighSeveral WWE officials suspended the wrestlers.

The Alpha Street Academy attacked the Profits before the match began, and Adam Pearce showed up and explained that if the four of them wanted to fight at the same time, we would have a Texas Tornado tag team match.

– Street Profits won the Alpha Academy (Texas Tornado Tag Team Match): Montez Ford’s speed caused problems for Alpha Academy, but the duo led by Chad Gable managed to stay in control and used their greatest strength and technique to exhaust their opponents.

Alpha Academy even brought a table to the track, but all of this made room for street profits to knock Otis off the track, and they put Chad Gable on the table, with Montez Ford flying his car. FrogsplashAfter making your opponent cross the table.

Finally we had Bloodline, Paul Heyman wasting no time praising Usos and then talking about all the records WWE has set with Roman Reigns at the top, and that “Tribal Chief” is undoubtedly the biggest superstar in WWE. Date. Roman Reigns then made it clear that he’s a man of his word and when he said he’d take down Brock Lesnar he did and that at Smackdown everyone would know what the next step for the undisputed WWE Universal Champion would be.

What do you think of WWE Raw?

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