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WWE Raw (06/21/2021): Rescaldo do Hell in a Cell

WWE Raw (06/21/2021): Rescaldo do Hell in a Cell

WWE Raw is broadcast in Portugal on Sport TV 5 or in Brazil on FOX Sports 2.

distance Hell in the Dungeon of Domingo’s Destruction, a WWE Monday broadcast another edition of raw On USA Network from ThunderDome at Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida to Money In The Bank for July 18.

Watch the fights and announced parts for this WWE Raw


– Ricochet venceu AJ Styles (Money In The Bank Qualification Match)
Asuka & Naomi venceram Eva Marie & Doudrop (Money In The Bank Qualification Match)
– John Morrison venceu Randy Orton (Money In The Bank Qualifier Match)
– Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross venceram Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (Money In The Bank Qualification Match)
– Riddle venceu Drew McIntyre (Money In The Bank Qualified Match)


Raw opened a VIP lounge with MVP and WWE Champion Bobby Lashley made it clear that Drew McIntyre almost pushed him to the limit, but the best Scottish fighter just couldn’t defeat him. And when it all looked like we were going to have a party, New Days showed up with toast and started throwing bread in the ring. The MVP explained that these actions explain why Kofi Kingston is not even in The main event, Don’t fight until you’re basically a circus clown. Kofi Kingston then mentioned that he was once the WWE Champion and that he beat Bobby Lashley last month.

At the time, Kofi Kingston challenged Bobby Lashley to a WWE Championship match at Money In The Bank and when the MVP wanted to think about it, “All Mighty” quickly agreed but stated that they wanted to face Xavier Woods on Raw today, he made sure he was at Money In The Bank No one is stepping in for Kofi Kingston. Then Xavier Woods, annoyed at being seen as just someone who would be destroyed by “all the mighty”, talked about all he had already achieved and challenged Bobby Lashley to make their match a Hell in a Cell.

Then we saw footage of a conversation that took place this afternoon on Raw between AJ Styles and the Viking Raiders, with “Phenomenal One” provoking the fighters, who have yet to take their chance at the Raw Tag Team Championship.

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– Ricochet venceu AJ Styles (Money In The Bank Qualification Match): Ricochet tried to use his speed, but AJ Styles quickly turned combat dominance in his favour. But after a short dominance, ‘One and Only’ started balancing it openerAnd he was even the first fighter to almost win this match. But just when AJ Styles seemed to be the fighter in more control, the Viking Raiders came to attack Omos and Omos took care of himself, at least until he destroyed part of the class bar. Now all this distracts the “colossal” that was caught before recoil And so Ricochet went to Money In The Bank.

Backstage we had Riddle tease Randy Orton and explain to us what he would do with the bag if he won Money In The Bank, given that today Randy Orton didn’t have much patience for the “Original Bro” who was very happy with his chance to fight in the Ladder Match, To which “Snake” explained that this would not be useful for Riddle.

Not yet behind the scenesLast week, Eva Marie was interviewed and explained to her that she had a manicure so she couldn’t fight and that she had chosen her stepson. When Piper Niven was about to say her name, Eva Marie interrupted her and said her name was Dodrop…

– Asuka & Naomi venceram Eva Marie & Doudrop (Money In The Bank Qualified Match): Asuka & Naomi worked as a team and even so they couldn’t control which Doudrop would win the match on their own, if Eva Marie didn’t decide to step into the ring to try to take the laurels for herself. The problem was that Naomi had not been defeated yet and Doddrop no longer wanted to enter the ring causing Eva Marie to lose the match.

Next, we had Adam Pierce and Sonya Deville on the Raw episode, both of whom invited Raw Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley to the ring and WWE officials stated that “The Nightmare” is offending the rules and shouldn’t. Then Charlotte Flair appeared and said that she was happy even to Rhea Ripley, because she was smart to exclude herself, because she would have ruined her. At the time, Sonya Deville said the two would face each other again at Money In The Bank.

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The following photos were captured during the day and we interviewed WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Natalya & reassurance, to be interrupted by coaching Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose. After exchanging words, the heroes were finally attacked by their rivals.

John Morrison venceu Randy Orton (Money In The Bank qualifiers): John Morrison did better in this Money In The Bank qualifying match, but Randy Orton with some cheating turned the momentum in his favour. After some dominance, John Morrison rebalanced the feud, but in the end, it looked like the Snake looked like he was going to win, but The Miz with his drip stick caused a distraction that caused Riddle to approach the ring for help.

The problem was that all this chaos distracted the Legend Killer and John Morrison with some cheating that followed spacecraft pain, Eligible for money in the bank.

Backstage, Nia Jax, and Shayna Baszler were interviewed on Irresistible Force to say what Reginald did will never happen again. Shayna Pazler said there’s nothing or anyone at this resort that scares her, and Nia Jax said there’s something different with Alexa Bliss.

Just when I thought that WWE’s invitation to Bieber Niven Dodrop would be the worst thing of the night, we went behind the scenes in WWE and saw Nikki Kross dressed up as a superhero as she mentioned that today she’s going to fight for all the people who have problems…

Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross venceram Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (Money In The Bank Qualified Match): Super Nikki went all out in this match after controlling the first few minutes of this match, with some help from Alexa Bliss who tried to hypnotize Reginald. That’s when Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler, when they could, put their unusual strategy into action. Attack Alexa Bliss’ eyes as much as he can and hold her for a few minutes but when she manages to logo card, Nikki Cross turned the momentum around and eventually Alexa Bliss returned to hypnosis and this created the necessary confusion for Super Nikki with an excellent performance. Magistral He won this battle.

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No behind the scenesAdam Pierce and Sonya Deville went to Drew McIntyre to explain that he wouldn’t have to fight today, but McIntyre made it clear that he did. He feels bad because everything hurts, but he has to qualify for Money In The Bank and get his chance to fight for a world title again.

Jinder Mahal, Cedric Alexander, Jeff Hardy and USA Champion Sheamus were still in discussions with WWE officials and wrestlers were furious at the lack of matches to qualify for Money In The Bank.

– Riddle venceu Drew McIntyre (Money In The Bank Qualified Match): The battle between Riddle and Drew McIntyre and the strategy of the two was completely different. Drew McIntyre wanted to finish the match as quickly as possible due to all the damage he had taken in Hell In a Cell, while Riddle focused his attack on the injured Scotsman’s back. At the time, the “Original Bro” was able to apply a higher pace and controlled that for a few minutes, but despite everything, Drew McIntyre was not ready to allow himself to win easily and began to balance this clash.

Now with Randy Orton watching the match up close, fake finishes It started showing up, with fighters winning almost multiple times, but eventually Riddle with a victory roll He won this battle. After the match ended, Riddle tried to persuade Randy Orton to congratulate him but nothing was done.

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