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WWE Raw (08/22/2022): Returns in Toronto

WWE Raw (08/22/2022): Returns in Toronto

The WWE Monday broadcast another edition of raw On USA Network, from Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Canada, to Clash in the castle on September 3.


– Dakota Kai and IYO SKY won Asuka & Alexa Bliss (WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Semi Final)
– Finn Balor defeats Dolph Ziggler
Kevin Owens defeated Chad Gable
Bailey Alia won
– The Miz & Ciampa defeated WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley & AJ Styles (by disqualification)
Edge defeated Damian the Reverend


Raw opened with a stretch Quarrel Between Seth Rollins and Riddle as the backstage fight began, they also fought through the crowd, but the two were eventually separated by several WWE officials.

In the ring, we had Trish Stratus saying that every time she was in the ring she felt at home and when it seemed like she was going to talk about the future, Bayley, IYO SKY, and Dakota Kai interrupted the Hall of Fame.

The group started out by saying how much they admire Trish Stratus and when she started saying that she was in Raw to support Edge, the Bayley group started insulting the Canadian, until Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair made it to the ring.

WWE EST and Hall of Famer were match ready and when Bayley asked them to do the math, Alexa Bliss and Asuka came to the ring, and so we went to the first match that night.

– Dakota Kai & IYO SKY defeated Asuka & Alexa Bliss (WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Semi Final): Asuka & Alexa Bliss dominated the first minutes of this openerso they started to get chances to win.

Over time, the Dakota duo Kai & IYO SKY started taking over Alexa Bliss, but she never gave up and when she did logo card Asuka almost gave her team the victory

In the final minutes, the two teams were getting closer and closer to winning and when it looked like Asuka would win with Asuka look At Dakota Kai, make this one blind Tag IYO SKY with the extension pin Quickly win the victory in this opener.

Backstage, Dolph Ziggler was talking about his defeat to Theory and that he just wanted to help the youngster, but was interrupted by Finn Balor who explained that there are veterans who are just pretending they want to help the young ones to stay relevant. . “The Show” mocked Finn Balor for being the same age, after punching him before heading to the ring.

Finn Balor defeats Dolph Ziggler: The match started in an artistic way and it was Dolph Ziggler who came out better, until Finn Balor threw his head in the corner. The Irish dominated for a few minutes, but the ‘showdown’ started to balance the momentum and with that they almost gained after winding. In the final minutes, impending victories continued to emerge, as Rhea Ripley attacked Dolph Ziggler behind the referee, opening the way for “Prince” to strike the 1916 and 1916 careers. Grace coup Which gave him victory.

In the behind the scenes, Alia was interviewed, but was interrupted by Bayley who started by insulting the SmackDown fighter. That’s when Trish Stratus appeared and mocked Bayley, as he challenged the former champion Alia to a match.

In the ring we had Alpha Academy, which, through the voice of Chad Gable, set an open challenge to any fighter who wanted to take on and that was when Kevin Owens played music.

Kevin Owens defeated Chad Gable: Kevin Owens came in strong and dominated during the first minutes of this match right up until the moment the two started fighting in ReadyChad Gable managed to turn the momentum around with German Super In the hardest part of the ring.

The Alpha Academy captain then dominated for several minutes, but the “Prizefighter” started balancing the accounts and with that the fatigue became more and more evident on both sides. in fake finishes It was showing up as the final minutes and minutes passed, Chad Gable missed a the moon Which made way for Kevin Owens to hit him Pop up Powerbomb And win this battle.

Once the match was over, Otis attacked Kevin Owens, but didn’t let her go, after she landed just awesome In Otis before another application powerbomb in Chad Gabel.

Behind the scenes, Doomsday insults Mysterius and Edge, with Finn Balor claiming Rey Mysterio is in his pocket, while Damien Priest has stated that he will make Edge retire forever.

Bayley defeated Alia. Bayley dominated Alia from an early age and looked like she would win without any issues, but the Canadian struggled and even almost won in surprising fashion.

In the end, Bailey finally turned the fight to his advantage and applied rose plant to victory.

The Miz & Ciampa defeated WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley & AJ Styles (by disqualification): Bobby Lashley and A.J. Styles stormed in and smoothly dominated their rivals for several minutes.

However, the duo at The Miz & Ciampa managed to isolate “The Miz & Ciampa” for several minutes, but he never gave up and when he had a slot, he lost logo card For Bobby Lashley who used his power to turn the fight on its head. Close victories began to emerge, and then chaos ensued, as someone from the audience tried to attack AJ Styles, but was stopped by WWE safety. The Miz was not so lucky, as he was kidnapped by Dexter Loomis, causing the match to end by disqualification.

Even with the fight over, Ciampa attacked Bobby Lashley, but that idea went wrong, taking colossal forearm by AJ Styles and a Spear From “All Mighty”.

Unexpectedly, we had the unexpected return of Johnny Gargano to WWE, which led to huge applause from the fans.

With the wrestler returning in the ring, he mentioned that in these nine months of absence he thought if he wanted to get back in the ring, but as a kid he dreamed of winning the WWE Championship and fighting at WrestleMania and that would be a bad father if he didn’t show his son that he would have to fight from He made his dreams come true, but in the end the theory stopped him.

“Mr. Money In The Bank” is already in the ring that’s all, explained Johnny wrestlingβ€œHe really wanted to do it and that now he had to direct Johnny Gargano. The young man continued to provoke his former teacher, after asking him to your palm Typical of the method, but ended up taking super kick by Johnny Gargano.

Edge defeats Damian Reverend: a The main event He started at a slow pace, which benefited Edge who was in control for a few minutes, both in and out of the ring.

Damien Priest’s strength began to emerge, but Hall of Famer’s dominance only ended when the “Archer of Infamy” hit the target. blade edge At the commentator’s table, a doomsday fighter dominated for several minutes.

The ‘R Superstar’ was beginning to balance out, however near gains appeared with increasing frequency, and as Edge was preparing to apply sniperit ended up going against the ruling of this The main event. It was then that Damien Priest tried to use two chairs to injure his former teacher, but ended up suffering crossbut even the “rami of shame” almost won.

In the end, Edge unexpectedly hit us Canadian destroyer Before he applied his spear, which gave him victory.

The Hall of Famer also prepared to take revenge on Damian Priest and land a seashellshit Rhea Ripley a low kickwith Finn Balor hit him Grace coup. When it seemed that Doomsday would continue their attack, Beth Phoenix took the chair from the Irish and did not let the attack on her husband continue.

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