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WWE Raw (10/10/2022): Season premiere

WWE Raw (10/10/2022): Season premiere

after, after Strict rules last Saturdaya WWE Monday broadcast another edition of raw On USA Network, from Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, to November 5 Crown Jewel.


– Johnny Gargano beat Austin theory
Rey Mysterio defeated Chad Gable
Candice Larry defeated Bayley
Omos defeated Joseph Torres and Robert Adams
– Seth Rollins defeated United States Champion Bobby Lashley
– Matt Riddle defeats Sami Zayn


Raw opened with DX backstage, as Triple H tried to keep his teammates in line, despite using so much profanity, that the WWE manager tried to warn them against fighting backstage.

In the ring we had Bloodline and the undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns didn’t take long to talk about Jey Uso and what happened at SmackDown, interrupting Sami Zayn and asking to deal with the situation, causing “Tribal Chief” to confirm that the Canadian is even an “honorary Uce”. At the time, Sami Zayn made it clear that everyone out there likes Ji Uso, but he should be cooler, and that he should pay attention to his brothers’ behavior.

Jey Uso was getting more and more angry, and asked Roman Reigns if this was a bad joke, at which point Matt Riddle Bloodline was interrupted.

The ‘Original Bro’ stated that now that he had made Seth Rollins quit, he wanted to fight Roman Reigns again, but the ‘Tribal Chief’ didn’t want to hear the challenge and told him to go to the back of the class. The crowd started yelling for Sami Zayn to confront Matt Riddle and after an intense exchange of words between the two we were challenged to a match on Raw.

Then we got a file video pack With some of the best moments of Extreme Rules.

Johnny Gargano defeated Austin Theory. Johnny Gargano got better than this opener And dominated until the moment when the theory hit Austin A suplex In the Ready.

“Mr. Money In The Bank” controlled his former mentor for several minutes, but “Johnny wrestlingHe didn’t give up and was using his speed to balance the accounts of this battle. In the following minutes, the two fighters were getting closer and closer to victory, and eventually Johnny Gargano landed. DDT . Hurricane Out of the ring, having put Austin’s theory into the ring, where he hit final one He won that gave him victory.

Rey Mysterio defeated Chad Gable: Rey Mysterio hit the gas early and dominated until Dominic Mysterio and Rhea Ripley emerged, helping Chad Gable shift the momentum in his favour.

The ‘Master’ of the Alpha Academy dominated for a few minutes, but he is already known to be legendary luchador He never gave up and restarted his speed again, bringing the two of them closer and closer to victory. In the end, Rey Mysterio put Chad Gable in the center and after 619 and a Springboard splash won the victory.

As soon as the match ended, Dominic Mysterio went to provoke his father, even slapping his father, and Finn Balor came to the ring and helped the young man get 619 on his father.

With the entire group in the ring, the group bragged about Finn Balor’s victory against Edge at Extreme Rules, with Rhea Ripley talking about what Beth Phoenix had done. Dominic Mysterio has stated that he only wants to make his father feel worthless, because he has made him feel all his life.

When Finn Balor was talking about AJ Styles, he came to the ring and said “Prince” was right and he’s been alone for a long time which is why he needs friends. When the two were cuddling, “Formidable” mentioned he wasn’t talking about Finn Balor, and we had surprise returns, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. Then we got a file Quarrel Among the six fighters, with the OC in control, to the point of making doomsday flee the scene.

Next, we interviewed Byron Saxton about Damage CTRL, where Dakota Kay and IYO SKY promised that Bayley would destroy Candice LeRae.

Behind the scenes, Roman Reigns, Solo Sequoia, and Paul Heyman were leaving the scene, and Ji Uso asked to speak to the “tribal leader”. The latter stated that they would enjoy the night, but Ji Uso had to stay on Raw to ensure Sami Zayn won his match.

Candice Larry defeated Bayley: Candice LeRae used her technique to control the early moments of this fight, but Bayley insisted on attacking her opponent’s left knee and in this way controlled it for a few minutes.

Clearly, the “role model” was still influenced by ladder matching in the extreme rules that was dominating with some issues, and “Poison Pixie” was balancing this clash. In the final minutes, it looked like the Damage CTRL captain would win, but Candice LeRae counterattacked an attempt rose plant It is common to pin He quickly emerged victorious from the raw.

Once the match was over, Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai attacked Candice LeRae, Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair was still trying to help, but the strength of the numbers made Damage CTRL a sure-fire message to their rivals.

Behind the scenes, we had Maryse offer her husband The Miz a baseball bat.

In the ring, Maryse summons her husband to the ring, after showing The Miz, two giant balls to attach to his racquet… The next gift from the “A-Lister” turns out to be a gift he didn’t like, featuring Dexter, Loomis who ends up attacking The Miz Which Maryse threw face first in the cake in the confusion. The clip ended with Dexter Lumis cutting The Miz balls and eating a piece of Maryse cake.

Behind the scenes, DX was spurring on two local fighters, interrupting The Miz Hall of Famers who came with his reels in his hands, with the “A-Lister” furious at Dexter Lumis’s pursuit. Shawn Michaels also tried to explain that Dexter Loomis, while weird, isn’t a bad guy, and Road Dogg mentioned that next week he could face his Miz. stalking And if he wins, Dexter Loomis leaves WWE.

Omos defeated Joseph Torres and Robert Adams: Despite the numerical flaw, Omos did not give his opponents a chance and won Double Chokeslam. Not content with the “Giant of Nigeria”, he returned to attack his opponents after the end of the fighting.

Next, we review the return of Bray Wyatt in the final minutes of Extreme Rules.

Back in the ring we had the USA Champion talking about what a fighter champion would look like, who had previously defeated many fighters and who today will beat Seth Rollins. Unexpectedly, we had the return of Brock Lesnar who, after his long entry, attacked “all the mighty” with several F-5s, German Suplexesafter closing the attack b Kimura.

While the Doctor and the WWE Governors were treating Bobby Lashley, Seth Rollins came to the ring for a match as well, took the mic and stated that he was here to fight and that “all the mighty” should be a champion and that he was a soldier once, but now he’s a disgrace to his country. As you’d expect, those words made the US Champion come to the ring and we sparred.

– Seth Rollins defeated United States Champion Bobby Lashley: Seth Rollins could have won pedigree In the first seconds of this match, but Bobby Lashley, despite his injury, continued to fight and almost won several times.

In the end, “all the mighty” tried to apply Heart LookBut the injured arm made “insight” turn the battle in his favor once and for all, and after two trampleShe won the victory and the USA Championship.

Behind the scenes, Byron Saxton went to meet Bobby Lashley who was very angry and challenged Brock Lesnar to appear on Raw Next, so he was going to beat him up.

After that, we saw a file video pack A mystery, in which Bray Wyatt asks them to reveal their identity.

Even before the next fight, we announced it Elijah He will be back in the next raw.

Matt Riddle defeats Sami Zayn: The night’s final kicked off evenly and powerfully, with Matt Riddle besting her in the opening moments, but Sami Zayn was able to control in and out of the ring, this while speaking to Usos.

“Honorary Uce” dominated for several minutes, but the distraction as he refused Jey Uso made way for “Original Bro” to begin turning the momentum in his favor and the two fighters were getting closer and closer to victory.

In the following minutes, the fatigue became more and more evident however the numbers were getting closer and closer to 3, and Sami Zayn was still trying to prepare an opportunity for Usos to attack Matt Riddle, but he watched, something that “Original Bro” took the opportunity to stay on the field and in the ring hit RKO And win this match.

Right after that, we got the D-Generation X into a jeep and after they got into the ring, we got the usual pick up the phrase From the set, with Triple H thanking everyone for their support, with Shawn Michaels joking that if they’re still here 25 years from now, to end their misery and that anyone who doesn’t agree with it can”Suck it!“.

Raw ended, with D-Generation X hitting their status.

What do you think of WWE Raw?

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