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WWE Raw (18/04/2022): Title matches and weddings

WWE Raw (18/04/2022): Title matches and weddings

The WWE Monday broadcast another edition of raw On USA Network, from KeyBank Center in Buffalo, New York, to Backlash from WrestleMania on May 8th.


WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Naomi Sasha Banks defeated Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan
– Veer Mahaan defeated the local fighter
– Ezekiel defeated Chad Gable (by elimination)
Street earnings won the Raw Tag Team Champions RK-Bro (Untitled Match)
– Theory defeated USA Champion Finn Balor
Cody Rhodes defeats Kevin Owens (according to Count Out)


He opened Raw with Seth Rollins and wasted no time calling Cody Rhodes to the ring and was already face to face and when he sounded like ‘Visionary’ he looked like he was going to talk about the respect he had for the Rhodes family, but whatever he did outside of WWE is as worthless as ‘American Nightmare’ He’s nothing but a superstar because he faced him at WrestleMania 38.

Seth Rollins then stated that his opponent had an advantage because he didn’t know who he was going to face and that he couldn’t stand people saying that Cody Rhodes was better than him, because that’s a lie. The two continued to exchange criticism and then the “Dreamer” clarified that it was time to switch roles, in The main event Tonight, he will fight “American Nightmare” but only when he is in the ring will he know who his opponent will be.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Naomi and Sasha Banks defeated Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan: The team champions came in very dominantly, until the moment Rhea Ripley was knocked out of the ring, she was able to use her power to shift the momentum in her team’s favour.

Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan dominated for several minutes, and almost won after a Riptide That Naomi only survived because of Sasha Banks. The frustration got better than “Nightmare” who ended up falling into a group of champions, who consequently retained the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship.

As soon as the match ended, Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan began arguing in the ring, the latter still trying to leave without ending their friendship, but “Nightmare” attacked her friend from behind, having closed this attack with her Riptide.

Behind the scenes, Rhea Ripley refused to answer why she attacked Liv Morgan.

Back in the ring, Sonya Deville made it clear that she never stopped being a wrestler and that she was forced to be in charge in WWE, but she wants to face and beat Bianca Belair, because she is the best and she wants to beat the best. Raw female champion Bianca Belair came to the ring determined to attack her opponent, but Sonya Deville immediately stated that she was an officer and if she was attacked, the champion would have to be fined.

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Sonya Deville then challenged Bianca Belair to a match next week, on Raw, which will take place in the champion’s hometown. The clip ended with WWE EST ready to settle down codebut Sonya Deville stated that if that happened, she would take the title away from the champ.

– Veer Mahaan defeated the local fighter: Veer Mahaan turned his opponent into cannon fodder and ended up making him surrender without any issues. After the match ended, the attack continued and a number of officers had to come to the ring to stop this attack.

In the WWE officers’ office, Adam Pierce explained to Sonya Deville that company officials were starting to get angry at her, because she wanted to punish Bianca Belair. And “WWE EST” appeared to pay a fine of one dollar, which angered her competitor.

In the episode, we had the KO Show version, where Kevin Owens uses a lie detector, to prove it Elijah And Ezekiel are the same person, as the “Prizefighter” chose WWE’s smartest man, Chad Gable, for the test.

With Ezekiel in the ring, the Prizefighter was losing his mind, and when the audition began, Chad Gable lost his focus and started insulting Gable Stevenson. Then Ezekiel honestly answered all of the polygraph questions, which made Kevin Owens even more confused and ended up leaving the ring after threatening his new opponent, the clip ending with Chad Gable attacking Ezekiel from behind.

Ezekiel defeated Chad Gable (by exclusion): Ezekiel did better in his first match, but with dragon screwChad Gabel focused his attack on his opponent’s left leg. However, Ezekiel did not leave himself in check for long, and when it seemed that he would emerge victorious, Otis appeared and attacked him from behind, causing his teammate to disqualify.

Street Profits Win Raw Tag Team RK-Bro (Untitled Match): RK-Bro came out even better in this match, as Riddle didn’t want to be left behind in Montez Ford’s sportiness, and had to hit the Spanish fly The third series in the charismatic street earnings fighter.

The scales were the highlight of this match, until Randy Orton entered, and when the “original Brothers” appeared to be attending the RKO, Usos played music, distracting the champions, making room for street profits. Turnout Team up and thus win the battle.

Once the match was over, the Street Profits claimed that they were the ones who had ordered Usos’ music to play and that RK-Bro should worry about them too.

Then we had Edge and Damien Priest explain what happened last week, with “R Superstar” explaining that mind games have always been a part of you, but that people seem to have forgotten about. Then the Hall of Famer explained that people have underestimated what the “Archer of Infamy” did and was doing, but he doesn’t care what the audience says and at WrestleMania Backlash, it’s going to be AJ’s doomsday. .

In the locker room, AJ Styles is interviewed and has accepted Edge’s challenge, the locker room lights begin to flash before exiting, with Edge and Damian Priest appearing on their return, having attacked “Phenomenal One” and leaving it as a warning to the fighter.

– Theory defeated USA Champion Finn Balor: The theory came in strong and dominated Finn Balor for several minutes of this contest, and the USA champion was trying to get into as much of a fight as possible, especially when the youngster had a high rate of bragging.

The last minutes turned out to be a great balance, since the contenders had several chances to win this fight and in the end, the “Prince” missed the match. Grace coupwhich allowed the theory to reach ATL Thus winning the USA Championship.

After the match ended, many stars came out to celebrate the theory, as Vince McMahon appeared and took Photograph with your care.

Behind the scenes, Seth Rollins was insulted by Kevin Patrick trying to figure out who Cody Rhodes’ opponent would be, and left the scene when the mysterious fighter called him.

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Then we had the weddings of Reggie, Dana Brooke, Akira Tozawa, and Dana Brooke, and after reading the vows, Tamina objected and it looked like she was going to marry Dana Brooke, but in the end, the couple finally got married. In the end, Reggie took advantage of the kiss to make pin At Dana Brooke and winning the 24/7 Championship, with Tamina and Akira Tozawa also champions, but in the end, Dana Brooke reclaimed her title and ran away from R-Truth.

Next, we faced a threat from MVP and Omos who also challenged Bobby Lashley to an arm wrestling match. “All Mighty” was interviewed afterwards and showed no fear of the giant, having accepted the challenge.

before The main eventSeth Rollins has announced that Kevin Owens is Cody Rhodes’ opponent.

Cody Rhodes defeated Kevin Owens (according to Count Out): Kevin Owens did his best on this The main eventHowever, after overcoming the sudden impact, Cody Rhodes managed to launch some attack, until the Prezefighter landed. Posted in Too aggressive on your opponent’s back.

Al-Kindi’s attack was aimed at the rear of the “American Nightmare”, and he did everything in his power to survive and as the minutes passed, he was the first.AEW Balance the accounts of this battle. The impending gain was getting more and more and when Seth Rollins started insulting Kevin Owens, he decided to get on with his life and Cody Rhodes ended up winning the count.

Raw ended with Seth Rollins throwing Cody Rhodes from the third rope outside the ring.

What do you think of WWE Raw?

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