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WWE Raw (9/27/2021): Três . Title Matches

WWE Raw (9/27/2021): Três . Title Matches

WWE Raw is broadcast in Portugal on Sport TV 4 or in Brazil on FOX Sports 2.

after, after Strict rules this Sunday, a WWE Monday broadcast another edition of raw On USA Network from Heritage Bank Center in Cincinnati, Ohio to Project NS Crown Jewel October 21.

Watch the fights and parts announced for this WWE Raw


– WWE Champion big vs. Bobby Lashley (no contest)
Angel Garza defeated Eric
WWE 24/7 Champion Reggie vs Ricochet (no contest)
– Keith Lee defeated Akira Tozawa
– United States Champion Damien Priest defeated seamus (No disqualification match)

a report

WWE Champion Big E vs Bobby Lashley (no contest): Still upset that he’s no longer a champion, Bobby Lashley took it all out in this match, having completely dominated in and out of the ring. All Mighty lasted for several minutes, but as the minutes went by, Big E started gaining momentum and that’s when Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander appeared in Hurt Business shirts.

This confusion allowed Bobby Lashley to almost win the match, but Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston came to the aid of their friend and all of this created confusion and this one opener It ended in disqualification. So we had Quarrel Unbelievable that WWE officials had a hard time stopping, and it ended when Adam Pierce emerged furious and made it clear that today it will be discovered who is the best between Big E and Bobby Lashley and the two will face each other again in this Iron Cage Raw.

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Angel Garza defeated Eric: Angel Garza came in better than Erik and even outdid the melee. The field lasted for a few minutes, but Eric’s strength peaked and when it seemed he was preparing to win, Humberto Carrillo distracted the Vikings and this made way for his cousin with Super Cake after, after Wing clipper, won again.

Below we review what happened between Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss at Extreme Rules.

WWE 24/7 Champion Reggie vs Ricochet (no contest): Unsurprisingly, Reggie and Ricochet started to show all their agility and when the two of them exited the ring, R-Truth, Drew Gulak and Drake Maverick disqualified for the 24/7 Championship attempt. In the end, Reiji manages to escape from the three fighters as well as Akira Tozawa, thus surviving for another Raw.

Backstage, Riddle explained that he’s alone today because Randy Orton is on vacation and that “The Snake” has already told him that one day he could be RKOed. Riddle continued with the silly conversations we’re all used to and the clip ended with his “original bro” being bullied by AJ Styles and Omos.

Akira Tozawa stayed in the ring and took the mic and explained that he wanted to fight today on Raw and that the person who responded to this challenge was “Birkat” Keith Lee.

– Keith Lee defeated Akira Tozawa: As expected, Keith Lee destroyed Akira Tozawa without any problems and won this match.

Backstage interviews and The New Day WWE Big E Champion made it clear that if Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander wanted to get into his troubles, they would suffer. As for Bobby Lashley, Big E made it clear that he said he would cash inflows And he did, and today he says he will destroy “all the mighty” and that he will do so inside the cage.

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USA Champion Damien Priest, Vinci Sheamus (no elimination match): Contrary to what was expected, the two opponents started at a low pace, but the war that had been anticipated in this battle soon began without exclusion, with Sheamus turning the fight from the inside out as he jumped from the apron and applied a white noise In Damien Priest and make the US Champion cross the table. As you would expect after this blow, the Celtic Warrior dominated for a few minutes, but Damien Priest was in no mood to lose the USA Championship on this raw and with a kendo stick he tried to turn the fight on its head. But this man of engagement is the Celtic Warrior’s Beach.

The USA Champion began to balance the fight and, as expected, fatigue began to unfold between the two fighters who were getting closer and closer to victory. At the end of this war, Damian threw Reverend Seamus on a table that was in the ring and then a plate the account Thus, he retained the United States Championship.

Behind the scenes, Mustafa Ali and Mansour were arguing about why the young fighter was asking Jeff Hardy to collaborate with them, with Mustafa Ali not wanting to cooperate with the “charismatic enigmas”. Jeff Hardy interrupted the conversation and said the team led by Jinder Mahal was dangerous but ready to beat them.

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