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WWE SmackDown (10/14/2022): Mysterious Return

WWE SmackDown (10/14/2022): Mysterious Return

after, after Strict rules last Saturdaya WWE On Friday, another broadcast of SmackDown aired on FOX, from the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, toward November 5 Crown Jewel.


– Sami Zayn defeats Kofi Kingston
Braun Strowman defeated James Maverick and Brian Thomas (handicap match)
– beat LA Knight victorious
– CTRL damage (Bailey WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship (Dakota Kai and IYO SKY) defeated Raquel Rodriguez, Schutzi and Roxanne Perez.
Legado del Fantasma (Joaquin Wilde & Cruz Del Toro) won Hit Row (Top Dolla & Ashante “Thee” Adonis)
– Rey Mysterio defeated Ricochet, Sheamus, and Solo Sequah (WWE Intercontinental Championship #1 Fatal’s 4-Way Match)


SmackDown opened with footage of the parking lot, where we have already seen the aftermath of a car accident between a Pick up by Drew McIntyre and the car by Karrion Cross and Scarlett. The two were slaughtered, and Carrion Cross was even worse when attacked by the “Scottish Warrior”, only being stopped by several WWE officials.

Then we had the new day entry, as the two remembered they had the longest reign in team titles history and intended to keep that record.

pre-existing gorilla positionWe saw Sami Zayn happy to be able to count on Solo Sikoa someone she trusts, which leads to another argument between “Honorary Uce” and Jey Uso, until Roman Reigns calls him. The “tribal leader” gave ears to his cousin, who reasserts himself as the chief, and the clip ends with Sami Zayn laughing at Roman Reigns’ joke.

Sami Zayn defeats Kofi Kingston: Kofi Kingston dominated the opening moments, but Sami Zayn quickly turned the momentum in his favour, and the argument with former WWE Champion Ji Uso helped him get back on the offensive. However, the following minutes were dominated by “Honorary Uce”, and the New Day fighter was trying to use his speed to not allow himself to be defeated.

In the following minutes, the two were getting closer and closer to victory, and when it seemed that Kofi Kingston was about to win, but without seeing the referee, Ji Uso hit his old opponent, making way for Sami Zayn. pin Quick win with this opener.

Behind the scenes, we watch Triple H talking to two cops, then interrupted by Rey Mysterio, who emotionally states that he doesn’t want to fight his son, no matter how badly Dominic behaves with him, he’ll always be the kid who sat in his lap and that’s why he wants to quit.

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Triple H was shocked by “Master 619” and asked him for 5 minutes in his office for the two of them to talk.

In the locker room, we saw Roxanne Perez talking to Schutzi and Raquel Rodriguez, with NXT “Big Mami Cool” was asked if she wanted to be Cora Jade’s opponent, and the request was granted. The trio was interrupted by Damage CTRL who challenged his rivals and NXT fighter to a match.

Braun Strowman defeated James Maverick and Brian Thomas (handicap match): As you’d expect, Braun Strowman didn’t give his opponents many chances, and he didn’t even cost a distraction due to Omos and MVP “The Beast Among Beasts” an easy victory.

After the match ended, the MVP took the microphone and praised Braun Strowman, but that’s not a monster as he says, because besides Omos he’s a normal guy. The segment ended with a shout of “the beast among the beasts” with their new challengers.

Behind the scenes, Sami Zayn was spurring Solo Sikoa for his match today, as Jey Uso wanted credit for the help, but even his brother said he didn’t see anything. Solo Sikoa also mentioned that he learned a lot from “Honorary Uce” and that today he will start his path to gold.

Los Angeles Knight defeated Mansour: The Los Angeles Knight team came in full force, and Mansour was only attacked after a distraction caused by Maxine Dupre and Maes. However, the dominance was short-lived and the LA Knight quickly regained control after winning BFT.

After the match ended, L.A. Knight took the microphone and wasted no time in insulting the fans in the arena, after leaving a warning to everyone in the WWE that this is his game now.

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– Damage CTRL (Bayley & WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Dakota Kai & IYO SKY) beat Raquel Rodriguez, Schutzi and Roxanne Perez: Roxanne Perez showed all her talent and was taking care of Damage CTRL, but the trio added to the chaos and with that they were in control.

CTRL damage dominated first on the NXT fighter and then Shotzi, and the balance only returned when Raquel Rodriguez entered the fight, but nevertheless, chaos ensued that delayed both teams’ wins.

In the midst of the chaos, only Roxanne Perez and Bayley remained in the ring and after surprising the “role model” nearly a few times, the Damage CTRL captain surprised the young woman and won by winning the cross pin.

Below we review footage of Liv Morgan losing to Ronda Rousey at Hard Rules.

a video pack Next was the Viking Raiders, with Sarah Logan talking about the duo’s comeback.

Legado del Fantasma (Joaquin Wilde & Cruz Del Toro) won Hit Row (Top Dolla & Ashante “Thee” Adonis): Even before the fight started, Hit Row attacked their rivals in the entrance area and we had Quarrel The minute that ended the episode, as the referee finally gave the official start to the match. Hit Row was better, until an entry from Santos Escobar and Zelina Vega, opening the way for Joaquin Wilde & Cruz Del Toro to hit their team with a punch that gave them the win inside the ring.

Behind the scenes, Kayla Braxton gives an interview to Sonya Deville who wastes no time on insulting Liv Morgan. This also did not waste any time and attacked the former WWE official, having shown great aggression, in an attack that ended in a great one. Posted in through a table.

Even before the start of the final match of the night, it was announced that Carrion Kroos could not compete and would be replaced by Rey Mysterio.

– Rey Mysterio beat Ricochet, Sheamus, and Solo Sequoia (WWE Intercontinental Championship #1 Fatal’s 4-Way Match): SmackDown’s new fighter immediately explained why he’s the best high flight As usual, but the four fighters were showing off their attack and with that balance was going on.

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Chaos was the highlight of this match and the fighters, despite the effort, could not be alone with an opponent to try to win. The aggressiveness increased as the minutes went by and yet I started to feel tired, which finally made some fake finishes.

For the next few minutes, Sheamus seemed to be preparing to make Solo Sikoa surrender, but Jey Uso and Sami Zayn stepped in and attacked the Irishman, causing Butch and Holland Ridge to provide assistance to their leader.

Inside the ring, only Rey Mysterio and Ricochet left, with the hit “Mystery Do 619” com driver Unbelievable that open space to hit 619 Before winning the victory with Frogsplash.

legendary luchador Thus he became Gunther’s new contender for the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

After a long entry, Bray Wyatt was very excited to be back and revealed that the past year has been very difficult, because he lost his career, he lost his will, he lost important people and the fans were very important to him because they showed he was important.

When I was going to keep talking, we had pictures of titantron, where we hear someone persuasive telling us to forget the future and the past, and that we are finally done. SmackDown is over after we saw Bray Wyatt’s new code.

What do you think of this WWE SmackDown?