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WWE SmackDown (12/03/2021): Return of 'The Beast'

WWE SmackDown (12/03/2021): Return of ‘The Beast’

a WWE This Friday, another version of SmackDown aired on FOX, from AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas, toward The first day of January 1, 2022.

Watch the fights and announced parts for this WWE SmackDown


– Sasha Banks venceu Shayna Baszler
– Defeat Los Lotharios Viking Raiders
– King Woods defeated Ji Uso (by elimination)
– Sheamus won Cesaro
WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns venceu Sami Zayn

a report

Smackdown opened with Brock Lesnar back in the ring and “Beast” wasted no time talking about the WWE Universal Championship, with Sami Zayn deciding it was a good idea to stop the returning fighter, saying they had a lot of similarities.. “The Beast” didn’t enjoy the interruption and asked who It’s Sami Zayn and the Great Editor’s days seemed numbered, but he managed to turn the conversation around and made it clear that he would fight for the WWE Universal Championship. in WWE day 1, but Brock Lesnar insisted that Sami Zayn should fight for the title today, something the lead candidate didn’t want but was convinced of the power.

The clip ended with Brock Lesnar saying he would be alongside Sami Zayn, and the “Great Editor” was convinced he would win the WWE Universal Championship on SmackDown today.

Behind the scenes, Sami Zayn was talking to Sonya Deville and the “Great Editor” was trying to make it clear that he didn’t want any of that, but Brock Lesnar showed up and there was a match for the WWE Universal Championship.

– Sasha Banks venceu Shayna Baszler: Sasha Banks used her agility to perfect the first moments of this opener, but Shayna Pazler used her usual aggression to turn the momentum in her favor, but the “chief” did not calm down and did not calm down.

The fighters had plenty of chances to win in the final minutes of this opener and when it looked like Shayna Pazler was the one to dominate, “The Boss” with pin Win the battle quickly.

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Then Sonya Deville spoke to Adam Pierce on the phone who wasn’t looking forward to appearing on Smackdown because of Brock Lesnar. After the WWE official hung up the phone, Drew McIntyre interrupted Sonya Deville and asked who was responsible for not taking part in last week’s Battle Royale, he was told Adam Pearce had made the choices, something that angered the Scots.

Back in the ring we had another Happy Talk, where Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss started talking about Battle Royal last week, both of whom started off insulting Jeff Hardy and Drew McIntyre, but thankfully, the “Scottish Warrior” got fed up with just about all of us and they boycott Talk show The two were eventually attacked by a “charismatic enigma” and a “Scottish warrior”.

Then we had another video pack On Xia Li It was announced that he will make his debut in the upcoming Smackdown.

Los Lotharios defeated the Viking Raiders: The Viking Raiders went all out in this tag team match, but Los Lotharios turned the fight upside down, and even the distraction caused by Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs, caused the pair to lose control and thus win the showdown.

After the match, the Viking Raiders were still asking for explanations, and Rick Boogs showed music as the solution to their problems and started playing the music of Erik & Ivar, who were in a better mood there.

Backstage, Tony Storm was interviewed and explained that Charlotte Flair can try to humiliate her as much as she wants, but is only interested in being the Smackdown Women’s Champion.

In the ring, SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos start making fun of Sami Zayn for being bullied by Brock Lesnar and that there is only one person everyone should fear at Smackdown, and that person is WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

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King Woods interrupts his usual rivals and explains that they may not like surprises, but he has one for Usos, and so Kofi Kingston returns.

King Woods defeated Ji Uso (by exclusion): This match was perfectly balanced from the very first moment, as King Woods looked better when Jimmy Uso decided to attack his brother’s opponent and thus disqualified. After the match ended, Kofi Kingston helped King Woods and New Day make Usos escape from the ring.

Behind the scenes, WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns is upset that they are facing a lot of surprises in this Smackdown and that they intend to destroy Sami Zayn and will destroy Brock Lesnar too if he gets close to him.

not yet behind the scenes, New Days was chatting with Aliyah, after she spoke with Kayla Braxton and Kofi Kingston explained that on WWE’s first day, they would fight for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship and end the Usos era.

Back in the ring, Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair started talking about Tony Storm which, by shoving two pancakes in her face, caused the New Zealander to speak up and after considering her challenge, the answer was no. When the “Queen” was already leaving the scene, Tony Storm appeared on the heroine’s back and hit her with a pie in the face.

Then we got a file video pack to promote flying high from recoil.

Sheamus beat Cesaro: This match started off strong, as was expected of these two, and outside the ring, the Swiss were the better.

However, inside the ring it turns out that Sheamus was the one who controlled the majority of this clash and when it looked like Cesaro was going to make some attack, he hit the “Celtic Warrior” prog cake This battle was won.

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Behind the scenes, we had Naomi To boycott Sonya Deville and challenge the former champion to a WWE official who explained to her that when she decides to take off her suit and put on her fighter outfit, Naomi will fight her, but as long as she’s wearing her suit, she can’t. play, because she is your mistress. Sonya Deville ended the segment by giving Naomi a slap.

even before The main event The beginning Sami Zayn decided to insult the state of Texas and the people present in the arena, before calling his guardian angel, Brock Lesnar, to the ring. The “Great Liberator” is still trying to get Brock Lesnar to help him win, not least because the fight on WWE’s first day could be easier, given The Beast’s poor results against Roman Reigns.

These comments from Sami Zayn earned him a trip to “Suplex City”, leaving the “Great Liberator” in disrepair over his fight for the WWE Universal Championship.

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns venceu Sami Zayn: Sami Zayn was in so much trouble starting the match that Usos had to lift Sami Zayn and as soon as the match started, Roman Reigns hit his match. Spear followed by you guillotine choke Thus, she retained her title.

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