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WWE SummerSlam (07/30/2022) - Wrestling PT

WWE SummerSlam (07/30/2022) – Wrestling PT

The WWE Saturday held another one Excellent live eventSummerSlam, from Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee, broadcast on Peacock and WWE Network.


raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair defeated Becky Lynch
– Logan Paul The Miz won
– United States Champion Bobby Lashley defeated Theory
– Rey Mysterio and Dominic Mysterio won at Judgment Day (Finn Balor and Damien Kahn) (no elimination match)
– Pat McAfee defeats Happy Corbin


Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair defeated Becky Lynch: Bianca Belair did better in this openerOut of the ring, Becky Lynch turned the momentum in her favour, thus making her opponent’s left arm, her attacking target, and dominating for several minutes.

The “Big Time Becks” tried to dominate, but the power of the “WWE EST” was a problem for the Irish woman who tried everything to stay in control, but to no avail and as time went on, the balance was getting bigger and bigger. .

Out of the ring, the Raw Women’s Champion hit codebut Becky Lynch managed to get into the ring and soon after we had a new champ with Mandandel Salam. In the last moments, Bianca Belair hit a Spanish fly From the second string before hitting the second code of the night and thus retained her title.

After the match ended, Becky Lynch extended her hand and the two opponents shook hands, showing a huge sign of respect.

When it seemed like WWE EST only had to worry about their celebrations, we had a comeback Bailey More unexpectedly, we also had the return of Dakota Kai and the emergence of Ayo Shirai who subsequently joined Qudwa. As the three prepared to attack the champ, Becky Lynch sided with her opponent and Bayley realized it was best to leave the scene and fight another day.

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Logan Paul defeated The Miz: Logan Paul went all out and showed his agility in and out of the ring, but thanks to some cheating, The Miz was able to turn the momentum in his favour. “A-Lister” dominated for a few minutes, but Youtube He managed to turn the momentum in his favor and almost won Figure 4-Lock Leg.

When Ciampa tried to attack Logan Paul, he was kicked out of the ring, but he refused to come in, causing AJ Styles to break out of the crowd and send out a “Pyscho Killer,” almost opening the way for Logan Paul to win. colossal forearm.

outside the ring, Youtube Put The Miz on the commentator’s table and decide to climb the third rope and fly off to an amazing game Frogsplashwhich did not surrender to victory because of Mary’s Distracted the referee, but “A-Lister” couldn’t do the cheat he wanted, and Logan Paul with skull crushing finale Beat your competitor.

– USA Champion Bobby Lashley wins by theory: Theory attacked Bobby Lashley with his briefcase even before the match started, but even that didn’t help much the youngster who was dominated by “All Mighty” when this match officially started. “Mr. Money In The Bank” managed to repel the attack and was able to launch some attack, but the USA Champion turned the battle in his favor again and after some counterattack, applied it Heart Look She kept her title.

– Rey Mysterio and Dominic Mysterio won at Judgment Day (Finn Balor and Damien Kahn) (no elimination match): This match began without disqualification in a chaotic manner and with this Mysterios entered in a dominant fashion, until the doomsday duo was able to depose Dominik Mysterio and thus dominated for several minutes.

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The young man was dealing with his opponents attack and when he had space to make logo card To his father and “Master 619” about fighting for his team and even using a chair to his advantage and with this chaos starting to appear again as well as near victories.

After Rhea Ripley intervened, the stadium lights went out and Edge hit A Spear In Finn Bálor and Damian Priest before Finn Bálor is put in the right place to get Double 619 From Mysterios that gave them victory.

Pat McAfee defeats Happy Corbin Pat McAfee determined to win this fight came quickly but ended up worrying a lot about the fans and Happy Corbin turned the momentum in his favour. This dominated for several minutes, in and out of the ring, but the SmackDown commentator was stopping his old friend’s attack and with him Superplex Balance this fight.

Pat McAfee used all his agility to turn the momentum in his favor and when the referee was touched he hit the commentator low kick to your opponent, before you hit a red code From the second rope and win this clash.

What do you think of WWE SummerSlam?

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