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News about Roman Reigns' next opponent

WWE thinks they ‘don’t need’ the Roman vows

In recent days, much has been written and speculated about whether Roman Reigns will fight or not at Money in the Bank And who will be your opponent, with Riddle setting himself up As the most likely candidate.

However, the latest information indicates indisputably WWE World champion failed event that 2 weeks ago it was changed From Allegiant Stadium to the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

According to Shawn Ross Sapp of Fightful, WWE officials believe that WWE does not need to have a “tribal chief” in Money in the Bank to sell the event, and that ladder matches its enough.

This hypothesis is supported by the sale of tickets for 2nd of July eventwhich sold out after moving to a smaller yard.

In addition, the Roman Reigns new contract It expects much fewer dates for the coming months, which has opened up the possibility of losing the world champion Money in the Bank and other upcoming events.

However, the “tribal leader” is expected to return to face Riddle in the release of Smackdown or Randy Orton In the Jul 30 SummerSlam.

Do you think WWE doesn’t need Roman covenant for money in the bank?

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