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Xapuri Campus Welcomes 600 Students to II Ifac Science Fair – IFAC Instituto Federal do Acre

Seven years after the event’s first edition, Ifac Campus Xapuri is holding, on September 29, its second Ifac Science Fair. The fair, open to the entire community, had a partnership with the Acre Regional Secretariat of the Brazilian Association for the Advancement of Science (SBPC Acre), through the SBPC Goes to School project.

Aiming to promote scholarly dissemination, the exhibition featured 35 works presented by Ifac students in the form of banners, models, and science experiments. The works dealt with knowledge in the fields of physics, astronomy, biology, chemistry, food technology, geography, philosophy, languages, mathematics, and biotechnology. Professors from all fields of knowledge have directed work developed by students of the Integrated Technical Course to the High School in Biotechnology.

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In addition to the science fair, the exhibition included cultural performances and sessions in the planetarium of the State Ministry of Education, an attraction that aroused great interest among students, according to the event coordinator, Professor Tatian Loureiro.

At the science fair, the consultations were provided by a team of nurses and nursing technicians from the municipal health department. The team performed blood glucose checks, blood pressure measurement, Covid and IST tests as well as applying vaccinations.

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About 600 students from Ifac’s Xapuri Public Education Network were to participate in the exhibition. Students and teachers from the schools of Anthero Soares Bezerra, Esperança do Povo, São Miguel and Divina Providência were able to visit the Xapuri campus and observe the works and experiments of the Ifac students.

Pictures and information from the Xapuri Campus

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