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Xbox fills up with independent demos with ID @ Xbox Winter Game Fest

Xbox fills up with independent demos with ID @ Xbox Winter Game Fest

From December 7 to December 21, it will be possible to play more than 35 new experiences.

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From this Tuesday, December 7, that ID @ Xbox Winter Game Fest, a festival celebrating virtual video games – part of the celebration of Game prizes, which will take place at the end of December 9 – which will bring to Xbox more than 35 demos of the game Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, not yet released.

This selection of games focuses on the indie games industry that can be downloaded in still-developing versions, without subscriptions. According to a post on the Xbox blog, these shows won’t be normal “demo”s, as they are games in a very embryonic stage of production, and are similar to the parts of the game that are usually offered at fairs like e 3And Gamescom, among other things.

The Xbox team also notes that they will only be available for a limited time and that this is a way to keep producers closer to players, and accept feedback that can help them develop the rest of their games.

The full list of games will be revealed on the day of the festival, with many known and unknown titles, such as:

Lot River, a game consisting of procedurally generated mazes, with elements of dungeon-crawlers and roguelikes that, according to the description, takes the dark fantasy of Dark Souls into a game with puzzle blocks reminiscent of Tetris;

death rubbish It takes us to a post-apocalyptic world full of cosmic horror, in an old-fashioned RPG and modern action battles, with a strong exploration element;

black tail He puts us in the shoes of a forest ranger as he fights Slavic-inspired monsters, and tells us about the origins of the dark supernatural being Baba Yaga;

Beeston’s tale Takes an ancient poem from the twelfth century called lose the program and gives it an interactive twist in an action-adventure game that focuses on narrative;

Finally we have Nobody saves the world, a single-player multiplayer dungeon exploration game with lots of missions and skills to explore.

You can find out more about this festival at Official Blog from Xbox.

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