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Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are now working too!

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are now working too!

This may not make sense for some users. In any case, the more features of the console, the better. However, we can now use Office on our Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S with our keyboard and mouse to work. It is a case to say that the Microsoft console in addition to the gameplay is also applicable. but how? Well, the September update for XBOX brought the new version Microsoft Edge Which is based on chrome. Now it has full mouse and keyboard support and allows you to use Office online. Thus, this console also becomes a working machine.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are now working too!

With Microsoft Edge, you can browse game tutorials, multimedia sites, and everything else the Internet has to offer. However, for office use, just go to Of course, it was already possible to access this version of Office before the release of the new Edge. However, it was not possible to use the keyboard and mouse. Now it is. Without this version, it would be really weird to use the command without typing.


This opens the door to new uses and excuses for fathers. “Bunny, are you playing? No, I’m working on XBOX.” In fact, it is possible. We can either use PowerPoint or even Excel as mentioned on the site Windows Central.

To update the console just press the XBOX button. Then choose Profile and System. The following definitions. Then choose System, then Storage.

There will be an update.

After the update, we already have access to the new Microsoft Edge.

This new update reveals, in fact, that XBOX is a very versatile console. Therefore, in addition to playing games, in emergency situations, we can still work if we do not have the computer at hand.

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However, there are promises of many more functions and they are expected to arrive soon.