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Xi Jinping affirms China's promises on climate

Xi Jinping affirms China’s promises on climate

Thus, it does not appear that there will be a new target for emissions from China at the summit organized by US President Joe Biden.

China has the largest greenhouse gas emissions in the world, and alone accounts for about a quarter of the world’s emissions.

We must stick to green development. The president of the world’s most populous country has said that improving the environment means enhancing productivity.

Xi said rich countries, which are responsible for the largest historical emissions of carbon dioxide, should take more responsibility and make changes in their countries and help developing countries finance the transition to low-emission economies.

– Xi said that we should adhere to the principle of common and differentiated division of responsibilities.

He emphasized that China’s goal is to go from peak emissions by 2030 to being carbon neutral after 30 years, a relatively short period equivalent to one generation.

“This requires an exceptionally strong effort,” Xi said.

He promised that as part of the emission reduction plan, China’s coal energy consumption would be reduced in the coming years.

– Xi said that we will implement strict supervision on coal energy projects, indicating that there will be strict restrictions on increasing coal energy consumption over the next five years, before coal energy consumption is reduced in the next five-year period that begins. In the year 2025.

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