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Xiaomi 12 Lite and 12 Lite Zoom will arrive with Snapdragon 778G and 778G +

Xiaomi has launched Lite models since the Mi 8 series. They have one specific goal in mind: to show that a good smartphone can be had at a low price.

a xiaomi Released a series of information about upcoming smartphones xiaomi 12 lite NS Xiaomi 12 Lite Zoom. together with Xiaomi Mix 5Both forms must be submitted at the same time.

a xiaomi Forms released low fat Since the series Wednesday 8. They have a specific goal in mind: to prove that you can get a good smartphone at a low price. The xiaomi It will keep this strategy in place in 2022 to make it clear that 12 lite it’s the 12 Light Zoom They will be able to offer good performance, but at a lower price. NS Xiaomi 12 Lite Zoom It will be exclusive to the Chinese market, as it was in previous years. However, this should be the only phone in the series that has this functionality.

xiaomi 12 lite

Codename for R&D of xiaomi 12 lite It is “Taoyao”. The two models codenamed “taoyao” are 2203129I and 2203129G, according to the IMEI database.

slides Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G where 780 g + The whole series will be processed. The phones will have a three-camera configuration on the back. NS Samsung Isocil GW3 CMOS is also the main camera. There are also wide angle and macro lenses. Also, we know that both will have an extension Monitor 6.55 inch AMOLED display with 120Hz refresh rate and 1080 x 2400 resolution. In addition, the series will support sub-display fingerprints.

Xiaomi 12 Lite Zoom

code name for Xiaomi 12 Lite Zoom It is “zijin”. There is only one device called “zijin” according to IMEI database 2203129BC which is its model number.

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Xiaomi 12 Lite and 12 Lite Zoom will arrive with Snapdragon 778G and 778G + 2

Most of the main features are the same. These devices are expected to include chipsets Snapdragon 778G where 780 g +.

Xiaomi 12 Lite and 12 Lite Zoom will arrive with Snapdragon 778G and 778G + 3

NS xiaomi 12 lite, like Series 12, will have a design very similar to May my sword.

It is expected that these phones will be present alongside the series 5 . mix, hit the market in March. The certified model number “2203” supports this assumption. It is expected to be released on 03/2022, according to the latter. Both phones are expected to ship with MIUI 13, which is based on Android 12. They must also receive at least two major Android updates.

By the way, the series Xiaomi 12 Will not be shipped with MIUI 13 interface pre-installed. NS Mi MIX 4And We are December 11And Mi 11 UltraAnd Mi 11 Lite 5G networkAnd Mi 10SAnd Redmi K40And Redmi K40 ProAnd Redmi K40 Pro +, and other devices are currently being tested with MIUI 13 interface.

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