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Xiaomi 13T is the No. 60 smartphone in photography according to DxOMark

Xiaomi 13T is the No. 60 smartphone in photography according to DxOMark

Roy Basilar

8 October 2023, 09:19

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The latest mid-range/high-end smartphone from the Lei Jun-led Chinese manufacturer takes pride in offering the Leica camera experience to its users. In fact, this is one of its main selling points, in addition to the already good performance expected.

It is important to note that this smartphone – the Xiaomi 13T – uses MediaTek’s Dimensity 8200 Ultra (4nm) processor. On top of that, we have 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage, which are very respectable specifications in 2023.

DxOMark has already evaluated the new Xiaomi 13T smartphone

Xiaomi 13T
An infographic released by the DxOMark entity containing reviews of the Xiaomi 13T.

The Xiaomi 13T phone achieved a total score of 123 and partial scores of 134 points for photography, in addition to 114 points for video. the exams Released now From DxOMark, the reference entity in photographic evaluation of sensors, lenses, cameras and smartphones. Now, your attention is on the base model of Xiaomi’s latest range of phones.

Therefore, in the opinion of this entity, The phone ranks 60th Among the best smartphones for photography and videography you’ll ever have the chance to test. Even if it’s not a premium location, it’s still important to put the situation into perspective, taking its price into account.

See, for example, that phones like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, iPhone 15 Pro Max and even the Huawei P60 Pro are much higher in the DxOMark table. However, its retail price is about two or more times higher than that of the Xiaomi 13T.

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Solid performance with some “reservations” in DxOMark’s review of the Xiaomi 13T

Xiaomi 13T smartphone in black

a screen: 6.67-inch AMOLED screen, Full HD+ resolution, and 144 Hz refresh rate
Healer: MediaTek Dimensity 8200 Ultra (4nm)
ram: From 8 GB
storage: From 256 GB
room: 50MP + 50MP + 12MP / 20MP
battery: 5000 mAh with a power of 67 watts
Programming: MIUI 14 interface based on Android 12 operating system
Colors: Alpine blue, meadow green, black

Launch: September 2023

The Xiaomi 13T’s camera performance is particularly surprising in aspects such as exposure, contrast, white balance and detail preservation. It also has a very positive note in autofocus, dynamic range, and noise reduction.

However, it fails in aspects such as capturing realistic colors in more complex situations, as well as losing detail in some scenes, especially when light is scarce.

In any case, the Xiaomi 13T base model proves to be a good bet for those who value photography on their mobile devices above all else, again, given the asking price. However, for everything this smartphone offers, the ideal value would be a maximum of 600 euros.

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