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Xiaomi confirms a major naming change for its smartphones

Xiaomi confirms a major naming change for its smartphones

The last top of the range presented by Xiaomi was the Xiaomi MIX 4. There is a date for its unveiling, and many found it strange that the Chinese company omitted from the “Mi” designation for its new equipment.

Now, in comments to XDA Developers, Xiaomi confirms that this strategy will be maintained in its upcoming smartphones. In other words, the letters Mi will not be part of the naming of the new Chinese equipment.

Xiaomi says goodbye to “Mi” in naming their smartphones

Since the launch of the Xiaomi Mi 1 in 2011, the “Mi” designation has become part of the Chinese technology group. It is already customary to find these two characters in the main products launched by the brand.

Ten years after the launch of the first smartphone, “Mi” will no longer be shown on Xiaomi mobile devices. From now on, we will only have Xiaomi, which means that their next high-end will only be called Xiaomi 11T and 11T Pro. By 2022, we will have Xiaomi 12.

Although nothing has been confirmed in this regard, the decision to abandon the “Mi” is part of a strategy to standardize the naming of Xiaomi products. This is because the brand already sells many products in China without the “Mi”.

As expected, this significant change will only have practical implications for the products that Xiaomi will unveil in the future. All models on the market will continue to have the official “Mi” designation.

It remains to be seen the repercussions of this decision on the official Xiaomi stores. It should be noted that it is known as “Mi Store” and has the Mi logo on its entrance.

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What does the word “mi” mean?

As we prepare to say a decade of “Mi,” nothing is better than remembering the meaning of these two letters. This explanation was already given by the following Lei Jun, CEO and founder of Xiaomi.

In fact, Mi means two things: “Mobile Internet” and “Mission Impossible”. (Mission: Impossible). The Chinese company has long considered itself a seller of mobile Internet products, performing impossible tasks.

These values ​​will certainly not disappear from Xiaomi’s soul, but she believes it is time to look to the future. A future in which we won’t see the “Mi” mark stamped on all of the brand’s products.

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