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Xiaomi carros elétricos fábrica

Xiaomi electric car factory will produce 300,000 cars per year

After betting on smartphones, it seems that major brands like Xiaomi are now turning to other territories. Electric cars seem to be the market of choice and new offerings seem almost available in the market.

If most of them are just rumors that are still far from confirmed, in Xiaomi they do not seem to happen. The brand has already confirmed its intention, and now a lot is known about the future of the plant where it will be produced.

Xiaomi plans for its future

Xiaomi is one of the latest companies that has confirmed its desire to embrace the electric car market. The Chinese giant already has in his plans a lot of what will soon be his reality, as his ideas are soon beginning to take shape.

The new information brought new data and information about the plant where these electric cars will be manufactured and assembled. Plans reveal that this should go into production as early as 2024, albeit in phases.

The factory will produce 300,000 cars per year

Which has been showno He showed that a new Xiaomi factory will be built and that it will be equipped in two distinct phases. Production will start in two years and is expected to reach a level where 300,000 cars will be equipped annually.

In addition to this new production unit, Xiaomi must define the entire management, research and sales structure in the same region. It should be located in Beijing, but there are plans to use its physical stores to support sales.

xiaomi electric car factory

A clear bet on new electric cars

It remains to be seen what, if any, the brand's strategy for its future electric vehicles will be, i.e. prototypes and international expansion. Xiaomi has planned to invest $10 billion in this field over the next ten years.

After all the success it has had in the field of smartphones, and even in other areas, this will be an important change for Xiaomi. The market for electric cars is expanding and the brand wants to play an important role here.

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