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Xiaomi Redmi tablet: there are a lot of tablets for 299 euros!

A few days ago, we reported that the new wallet-friendly Xiaomi tablet, the Redmi Pad, will likely be a serious case in the Portuguese market, especially if combined with a good launch campaign, of course, finally becomes noteworthy. The successor to the highly acclaimed and successful Mi Pads from the Chinese giant.

Well, it’s time to officially welcome you!

Xiaomi Redmi tablet: there are a lot of tablets for 299 euros!

Therefore, Xiaomi Redmi Pad comes with a 10.61-inch screen, 2K resolution and the ability to reach 90Hz in frame refresh rate. Interestingly, in the field of image quality, it is also the first tablet in the world to receive the SGS certification for reduced visual fatigue, which makes it a great alternative for consuming multimedia content, because in addition to the visual quality, we also have four Dolby Atmos speakers for a high level Incredible indulgence at the price.

However, in the realm of the battery we have 8000 mAh and the included charger 22.5 watts. Autonomy always depends on what you do, but 8~9 hours is a good estimate to use.

In terms of performance, we have a mid-range MediaTek and 4GB of RAM. However, while the SoC doesn’t bother you with the price, 4GB may be a limiting factor if you have some “higher” dreams for this tablet.

But this is also a way to separate product ranges in the world of Xiaomi. Do you want something more wallet-friendly, and a decent level of performance? Choose the Redmi pad! Do you want a more powerful tablet? Start looking at the Xiaomi Pad 5, and truth be told, it’s not much more expensive.

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Price and availability

The Redmi pad will be available in two versions, one at 299 euros (4 + 64 GB) and the other at 329 euros (4 GB + 64 GB)

Also, what do you think of all this? benefit? Do you think 4 GB is not enough for a tablet? Share your opinion with us in the comment box below.