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Xiaomi says goodbye to MIUI!  It’s time to welcome the future, HyperOS

Xiaomi says goodbye to MIUI! It’s time to welcome the future, HyperOS

It’s time for a change at Xiaomi. It ended the MIUI branding and opened its doors to a major new product, HyperOS. This new system will be the standard for smartphones and will become the only proposal available for use. Now that you have left MIU, it is time to say goodbye to Xiaomi, which it has done in a unique way!

Xiaomi has had unique customization of its smartphones in MIUI for many years. This is a modification of Google's Android so that it meets brand standards and so you can put your own unique and custom apps and settings there.

It's time for Xiaomi to say goodbye from Xiaomi to MIUI

Since its first version, presented in 2010, Xiaomi has improved its proposal over the years. With each new version of Android, it is improved and tweaked to make the most of what Google puts into its operating system.

Now that it's over, Xiaomi has decided to pay tribute to its sincere proposal and show its greatest moment. In a video it published, Xiaomi showed the best of what it has created over the years that arrives in every new smartphone from the brand.

HyperOS is the future of smartphones

But since change is necessary, Xiaomi will now open the doors to its new smartphone proposal. HyperOS has become a reality and is now being made available for the brand's equipment. In both Chinese and global markets, smartphones have already begun to receive this proposal.

Xiaomi really wants a complete change and will not be limited to just having HyperOS on its new smartphones. It goes further and ensures that this new proposal is up to date for older equipment, which can still access brand updates.

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Although it will lead to further division within the Google ecosystem, the arrival of HyperOS is important, because it represents the arrival of more news. Xiaomi thus stops relying on the research giant and starts controlling how and when news appears. However, it's time to say goodbye to MIUI.