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Xiaomi will take advantage of Mobile World Congress 2023 to present its robots

Xiaomi will take advantage of Mobile World Congress 2023 to present its robots

Real technological progress on the horizon or marketing fraud by the Chinese company? Whatever it is, it is Xiaomi Confirmed the existence of its own bots cyberdog that it CyberOne in Mobile World Congress 2023the big event that starts on February 27 in Barcelona.

robot android CyberOne It will undoubtedly be the highlight of the show, with LED lights and a sound base (80 sounds) able to evoke 45 different emotions. We still know this kind of robot very well, and its cognitive ability generally does not exceed that of advanced automata.

As for the physical ingenuity of these machines, Boston Dynamics’ atlas aside, the whole industry appears to have remained in a very archaic stage. This type of bot, in fact, requires massive financial means to be credible, and is used most of the time as simple marketing communication tools (“Look how our society is facing the future!”). Even Tesla’s Prometheus struggled to impress industry insiders.

Besides, it doesn’t look much better for CyberDog, which also struggles compared to Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot. Introduced two years ago, the four-legged robot already seemed to lag behind the most advanced prototypes of its kind (and not just those from Boston Dynamics).

Xiaomi will present its “news” at Mobile World Congress 2023

The CyberDog should be up for sale, but at $1,540 a unit, it still makes a tech demo a bit pointless. Will Xiaomi have new arguments to present at the Barcelona event? MWC 2023 will run from Monday, February 27th to Thursday, March 2nd.

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