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Xiaomi’s electric car has finally been seen circulating on the streets of China

Xiaomi’s electric car has finally been seen circulating on the streets of China

There is no doubt that Xiaomi is preparing a new electric car. This will be the brand’s first proposal, which joins an extensive list of products. Now, this electric car has finally been seen rolling around on the streets of China, in tests.

Over the past few months, images of the future Xiaomi car have been revealed by many. These are due to the state of development of this future proposal, which is now much closer to being launched and therefore needs more extensive and realistic tests.

Thus, the Xiaomi MS11, the name by which it will be known, is already taking to the streets of China. Of course, it does not present its final shape, but it presents its shape in which there is a layer that hides the details and its lines in more detail.

Now the first video of this electric vehicle has been revealed, finally showing the Xiaomi car in another level of detail. This was captured on one of the flights undertaken to confirm and validate some elements of this proposal.

open by YouTube user From China, the Xiaomi MS11 is present in all its glory, with a lot to reveal. Of course, the camouflaged painting is present and ensures that much of what will be revealed remains to be discovered by all those who have access to these real images.

There's still a detail to highlight that reveals a lot of what the electric car will bring. First, we have sensors that seem to show how this car will be able to drive autonomously. In addition, other details of its design are shown.

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Xiaomi is expected to reveal more of its cars during 2024. This should initially be limited to China, and may later extend to other markets. It is expected to be a proposal capable of fighting the Tesla Model S or the Volkswagen id.