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Xiaomi's report shows that the Chinese brand is environmentally friendly

Xiaomi’s report shows that the Chinese brand is environmentally friendly

Concerns about our planet’s environment are growing and must be growing. It is up to all of us, from a small user to the largest industry, to contribute and change behavior to save our home. In this sense, large companies have a fundamental role in this task, especially if we are talking about brands associated with the technology sector.

Hence, a recent report by Xiaomi revealed that the company is environmentally friendly. And to prove it, it reveals the many actions and activities that have been implemented to promote the preservation of the planet.

Shared by Xiaomi Sustainability Report 2020 which states that their products have been developed with consideration for the environmental impact they may cause, through their manufacturing process.

In this way, the Chinese giant highlights the following actions.

Long lasting products and recycling incentives

According to the data in the report, Xiaomi is interested in creating products with a longer life cycle. Therefore, the user does not need to change them in the long run, which generates less waste. In addition, it highlights the ease with which equipment can be repaired, extending its useful life.

Xiaomi says it is also encouraging the collection and recycling of discarded products in China, Europe and India.

There is also mention of a packaging policy, which limits the use of toxic substances, such as certain types of paint and glue. The company shares an example showing that the company's packaging does not need glue because it has additional tabs.

The report also reads that the Mi 10T smartphone line was the first line from Xiaomi with Significant reduction in plastic in packaging. As a result, about 1,000 tons of carbon dioxide will be avoided in China in 2020.

More security and humanitarian work

In this sector, Xiaomi is highlighting many of its actions as a way to help governments fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, the brand highlights the following aids:

  • Donation of 2.7 million masks in China
  • Donate 800,000 masks to Europe
  • 50,000 pairs of protective gloves have been donated to 40 countries
  • Donate 1,000 smartphones to students living in Spain
  • Various sanitary items shipped to France, UK and Poland during the peak of the virus spread

The Xiaomi Foundation also donated $854,000 in medical equipment to 14 countries such as Italy, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and Myanmar in July 2020.

Another initiative that can help the planet is Xiaomi earthquake detection system. This service has been active since 2020 on the brand's equipment in China and has already reported 29 earthquakes with a magnitude above 4.0. In addition, it has already sent more than 9.4 million alerts to residents of high-risk areas.

There is also a focus on the brand's future investment of $10 billion in the electric vehicle market over the next 10 years. This is an important step as Xiaomi is a sector of fundamental importance for the future of our planet.

You can see the full report Here.

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