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xrOS: óculos de realidade aumentada da Apple terão novo sistema operacional

xrOS: Apple’s augmented reality glasses will have a new operating system

Members An apple They are waiting for the headset to be released augmented reality (RA) for the company at the beginning of 2023 — in January, specifically; However, a change was identified in an interesting detail. The tech giant announced that the hardware operating system will be called “IndeedHowever, that would be the name xrOSAccording to recent announcements. The efforts invested by professionals have increased in recent months, which indicates that the launch of the device is approaching.

The operating system for Apple’s augmented reality headset will be called xrOS, according to recent announcements.

One expected reason for the name change is that, for international market consumers, the designation “xrOS” will make it easier to decide what type of content to display with the AR headset. Messages “XR“is an abbreviation for “and”.Xtend Reality”, indicating there are resources possible with augmented reality, in free translation and interpretation.

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Apple’s augmented reality glasses still don’t have an exact release date

in another meaning: Based on the assumption that the device will reproduce mixed content, such as frog🇧🇷 as well as virtual reality resources (RV), the consumer will be informed of what can be easily found. On the other hand, part of the intended experience is to integrate graphic information in real time using the surrounding environment and, at the same time, immerse the individual in a different experience with aspects of virtual reality, with the headphone screen.

The equipment will be able to reproduce mixed content, such as augmented reality itself, as well as virtual reality (VR) resources.

Since the methods require powerful resources to run, even though the equipment is portable and lightweight, it will also need to be robust. New applications, created to enable unique experiences, using product properties, will be available to users. A wide range of options is expected, such as maps, messengers adapted to the mentioned technologies, and more.

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Unfortunately, while the news was positive for those interested, sources couldn’t say the exact launch window. Therefore, many expect the presentation to take place in early 2023. It is recommended to control expectations, because this is Apple’s first attempt at this segment, and unforeseen events can occur.

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source: wccftech