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Yakuza: Games can replace Japan with another country

Yakuza: Games can replace Japan with another country

French yakuza She can leave Japan and move to another place in the world. At least that was the idea Kazuki Hosokawa, Director of lost judgment and studio expert Ryu Ga Gotoku, suggested them during a recent conversation with reporters.

On this occasion, Hosokawa talked about the future of the developer and how the studio intends to continue investing in simultaneous global versions of titles from yakuza. Leaving Japan behind and taking the characters to new countries, with new places to explore, was one of the possibilities the director raised.

Cover of Yakuza 0, the seventh game in the main series (Photo: Press release/Ryu Ga Gotoku)

games yakuza It is set in Japan and faithfully rebuilds the country’s large urban centers. The series contains dense plots of the country’s criminal world, punctuated by a playful tone that takes the player into skateboarding, dancing and karaoke minigames.

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Franchising has become a global trending factor and the latest release, Yakuza: Like a dragon, he arrived in the West with a Portuguese-Brazilian translation a little over a year apart Regarding the release in Japan.

lost judgment, transverse sequence Rule, will have a global version of Playstation 4And PlayStation 5And Xbox One and Xbox Series on September 24.

Yakuza no Brazil?

Hosokawa’s remarks echoed online and led many fans to jokingly imagine, what a thing yakuza Set not Brazil.

Ideas range from starring Trucco to the protagonist who would be a former Vasco da Gama player.

John Wick x Kazuma Kiryu

Hosokawa used the press conference to comment on who would win a battle between the protagonist in the first seven major games, Kazuma Kiryu, and the movie franchise hero John Wick, starring Keanu Reeves.

Demonstrating a natural talent for solving difficult problems based on batting, Kiryu and John Wick appear in a series of memes that put the two characters into combat.

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Commenting on the matter, Hozukawa stated that it is difficult to fight a head-to-head battle with the legendary Yakuza champion. “Kirio isn’t really human, so it’s hard to do battle with John Wick,” Hozokawa said with a laugh. “I think Kiryu is probably stronger than John Wick because you can’t kill him even after you shoot him with a pistol.”

It remains unanswered, however, whether Kerio will also beat Marcos Jeeves, the Brazilian lookalike of John Wick and equally voracious:

All eight games in the main series of yakuza Available in the Xbox Game Pass catalog.

Source: Tha Gamer

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