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Yamaha boosts the range with the new XSR900 GP

Yamaha boosts the range with the new XSR900 GP

Leveraging its glorious past in competition, Yamaha has just unveiled the XSR900 GBthe newest member of the Sports Heritage Group.

Visually the new proposal of the Japanese brand He does not hide his inspiration from the proposals of the past Like the YZR that I raced in competition, but also the FZR or TZR. All this without presenting itself as a modern replica of any particular model.

And so, in front The XSR900’s round headlight has given way to a small square light built into the front fascia Which in turn is mounted using a tubular structure that connects it to the frame and supports the dashboard.

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This solution is inspired by that used in the 1980s, a decade in which rear sections with square shapes similar to those adopted by the XSR900 GP became popular.

With one The nameplate is inspired by those used by competing Yamaha models in the pastThe new XSR900 GP also has a sportier driving mode than the XSR900 on which it is based. This was achieved thanks to the use of low feed rates.

Also in the field of cycling There are big differences between the XSR900 GP and the XSR900. The frame has received specific modifications, the subframe has been reinforced and Yamaha’s new proposal is the only one based on the CP3 platform with an aluminum steering column axle.

In addition to all this, the XSR900 GP also has Fully adjustable inverted front suspensionAdjustable rear shock absorbers, a Brembo front brake pump and improved brake lines.

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To complement all this we also have A series of electronic driving aidsThree driving modes (Sport, Street and Rain) and A 890 cc engine with 119 hp and 93 Nm Which appears to be related to a square of six relationships.

Available in Legendary Red and Power Gray, the new Yamaha XSR900 GP Its price in Portugal nor its launch date in our country have not yet been revealed.