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Yayoi Kusama is the queen of Serralves in a sunburnt festival

Yayoi Kusama is the queen of Serralves in a sunburnt festival

“Listen, Manuel, after last night maybe you'd better put the bracelet on so they can call your mother,” his wife says in a tone half joking, half bored, as she holds up a stroller with two small children in it. , on the side of the entrance to the Serralves Foundation, in Porto, where 50 hours of free culture lasts until Sunday at 10 pm. Her friend hissed at her: “It seems that you want to return it to your mother-in-law…” The little ones smile, oblivious to their parents' marital crisis, and they know that it is Children's Day.

Saturday morning was for adults, with a rock concert by Glockenways, then art punk by the Russians Shortparis, much to the delight of Manuel and his gang in the Prado.

But now it's Saturday morning, the fun is different and Salvador has a question that torments him: “If moles don't have ears, how can they hear?”

The mother takes an interest in the child's anxiety and immediately takes him to see “L'ile des taupes”, by Philippe Quesne, at Lake du Parc, filled with silver balls and where giant moles walk on two legs and accept affection.

But not everyone has love mode turned on. Beatrice comments: “They're a bit disgusting, aren't they?” “This is like Thumbelina,” he suspects, “after escaping from the frog pond, she is kidnapped by a mole.”

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