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Yazan (2) was playing outside

Yazan (2) was playing outside

Several children were playing football for a quarter of an hour in the town of Beit Hanoun, in the northeast of the Gaza Strip, when the Israeli missiles fell. At least nine children have died, according to the Palestinian health authorities in Gaza.

They played outside the house and no one thought our homes would be targets. Now we have lost three of my brothers and five of my cousins, Atallah Al-Masry says over the phone to Expressen.

Before dark, all the victims were buried.

In three days, Gazans and Muslims around the world will celebrate their holiday.

They turned joy into sadness. But we sacrifice our lives for the sake of Al-Aqsa (Note by the mosque editor), says Atallah.

Threatens to take revenge

In the evening hours, Hamas and other Palestinian factions intensified their rocket attacks on the areas near Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Later, Israel also fired several missiles. There were no reports of Israeli casualties.

Israel threatens retaliation, and violent protests continue in East Jerusalem.

“We will not accept attacks on our land, our capital, our citizens and our soldiers,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday.

The protests began when an Israeli court ordered the eviction of about 60 Palestinian families from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem.

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