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Yellowstone National Park: – There is a human foot in the natural paradise

In the northwestern parts of Wyoming is the oldest national park in the world. By its location above the magma chamber, Yellowstone is particularly famous for containing two-thirds of the world’s hot springs.

In addition, the park contains about 10,000 hot springs. Due to the high salt content in the water, bathing in hot springs is strictly prohibited.

But despite the warning signs, there are many instances of people wanting to swim. It could have dire consequences.

Investigation started

On the morning of August 16, a park employee discovered an object floating on the surface of a hot spring called the Abyss Pool.

When he got close, he saw that it was a shoe. He pulled it out of the water, and discovered that it contained the remains of a human foot.

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– So far, evidence from the investigation indicates that it was an incident involving one person. The accident likely occurred on the morning of July 31, 2022, at Abyss Pool, the park service said in a statement. statement.

– At the moment, there is no doubt that there was anything criminal behind the accident, the park service continues.

The Norwegian Park Service did not want to explain why it believed there was no question of criminality. The identity of the dead was also not revealed.

Extinguished by boiling sewage


missing corpse

More than 22 people are said to have died in Hot Springs in Yellowstone. The last known death occurred in 2016.

23-year-old Colin Scott was on an expedition in the nature reserve with his sister. The two of them left the designated path and searched for a hot spring where they could take a bath. Then things went wrong.

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to me Watchman Scott was about to dip his foot in a spring when he suddenly slipped and fell into the hot, acidic water.

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Sister ran to alert the park rangers, but it was already too late for Scott.

Rescue workers arrived and tried to get the dead boy out of the water. But due to severe thunderstorms, they had to cancel the event. When they came back the next day, the body was completely decomposed.

The safari ended in death

The safari ended in death


Feet on the beach

According to the scientific site Live ScienceIt is no surprise that it was precisely a foot in a shoe that witnessed the fatal crash on July 31.

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The site writes that the human body left in the water over time will naturally decompose. When that happens, it’s common for the feet to sag as the soft tissues in the feet and ankles have rotted, according to LiveScience.

Most modern shoes float. If the shoe is still on the foot when you take it off, the shoe will float to the surface when the foot is released from the rest of the leg.

Live Science He further writes that it is precisely this phenomenon that lies beyond 21 human feet in sneakers washed up on the beach On the shores of the Canadian province of British Columbia since 2007.