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Yolanda won the song festival.  Here are the photos (and performances) from the final

Yolanda won the song festival. Here are the photos (and performances) from the final

a Singer Yolanda won the song “Scream” today at the 56th edition of the Song Festival and will represent Portugal at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest next May in Sweden.

Iolanda will represent Portugal in Malmö, Sweden, 50 years after that country's first win in the Eurovision Song Contest, with the song “Waterloo”, by ABBA.

“Grito” was chosen from among the 12 final songs by a voting method in which half the score was awarded by a jury composed of representatives from seven regions of mainland Portugal and the islands, and the other half by direct public vote.

The 11 songs remaining in competition are: “Change” by Silke Nobre; “Creature” by Rita Onofri; “Memory” by Nobel; “The Lighthouse” by Buba Espino; “Conspiracy Theories” by Nina; “Acitar” by No Maka (Emmanuel Oliveira and Duarte Carvalho) with Ana María; “Primavera” by Cristina Clara; “Final Points,” by Rita Rocha; “Sweet Mystery” by Liu Media; “So Far From Here” by Perpetua; And “Bellas Costuras” by João Porche.

Iolanda will thus represent Portugal at Eurovision, which will be held this year in Malmö, Sweden, 50 years after this country's first win with ABBA's song “Waterloo”.

Remember the performances of the twelve competitors in the final of the Song Festival 2024:

Yolanda with “Gritto”

Silk Nober with “Change”

Rita Onofri with “Creature”

Nobel with “Memory”

Buba Espino with the song “O Farol”

Nina with “conspiracy theories”

In Mecca he presented. Anna Maria with “Accept”

Cristina Clara with “Primavera”

Rita Rocha with “Final Points”

Leo Media with the movie “Sweet Mystery”

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Perpétua with “Bem Fare Daqui”

Joao Porche with “…Pelas Seams”

In May of last year, Sweden won the 67th session of the Eurovision Song Contest, which was held in Liverpool, United Kingdom, with the song “Tattoo”, performed by Loren, who had previously won first place in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012. With “Ecstasy” “.

It was Sweden's seventh win in the Eurovision Song Contest, following victories in 1974, 1984, 1991, 1999, 2012 and 2015.

Portugal ranked 23rd last year with “Mimicat” and “Ai Coração,” and won the competition in 2017 with “Amar pelo Dois,” a song written by Luisa Sobral and performed by her brother Salvador Sobral.

See photos of the performances in the gallery above.

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