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“You are here neither more nor less than me.”

“You are here neither more nor less than me.”

In the “Big Brother 2024“, said Rita Oliveira excitedly during “Hot Chair” in the early hours of Sunday, April 21.

The rival “Big One” asked:Rita, are you going to remain silent as Miranda asked, or are you going to say something?“.

No, I want to ask everyone, it has been mentioned here that there are many people who share my opinion that Fabio scares others. I'd really like to know, curious, who Fabio is scaring“, he wanted to know Rita Oliveira.

Renata Andrade replied:Gabriel, you said to me at the last party or in the last hot seat: “Fabio sometimes looks like that,” and I agreed, but this is not intimidation for me, it's like the looks you show… it's the expression from you, you don't intimidate me, I don't I'm afraid of you“.

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Catarina Sampaio interjected: “But the question is the same, let's be clearer: Fabio is scaring someone [com] way of looking?“.”But did anyone tell you? Put yourself in your place, my dearKatarina Miranda replied.

The chef said:Rita, having nothing to say, endures Catarina Sampaio's pain“.”No, I'm not taking anyone's pain, I'm speaking, because I think it's a very ugly thing to insinuate“Rita answered.

The two clashed and Rita Oliveira lost her patience: “You're here no more and no less than me, period! (…) Now don't come here with things, talk about others, and disrespect me because I respect everyone here when people talk, so you will respect me too, respect is very nice (…) F***“. be seen here the video.

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