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“You can’t die.”  Letter from Jessica Athayde’s son to his neighbor

“You can’t die.” Letter from Jessica Athayde’s son to his neighbor

CEsca Athaide used the stories on her Instagram page to talk about a new phase for her four-year-old son, Oliver.

The boy kept asking questions about death, a topic that the actress decided to address with her followers.

“Oliver is four years old and he has asked me a lot about death. He doesn’t have much understanding, but I explained that people and animals die when they are too old.”“, he started by saying.

“We used to make Christmas cards – he would draw the drawings and I would write the letter he wanted and sign it. We sent a card to Doña Antonia, who was our old lady down the street. I will show you what he wrote,” the actress added, then shared a photo of the note.

“Dona Antonia, Merry Christmas. You cannot die. Oliver,” He reads the boy’s letter to his neighbor.

“So I wanted to ask you how you talk to your children about deathHow do you manage this new fear,” Jessica Athaide finally asked. Watch it all in the gallery video.

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