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You have 15 days to activate Facebook Protect or your account will be banned

This is a warning reaching many users in Portugal. In fact, the service has been around for several years in the United States. It’s a security technology that targets users who are most likely to be targets for hackers, according to Meta. Among them are employees of the company that runs Facebook “human rights defenders, journalists and government officials”.

So, if you receive this “notice” take it seriously, the system will be easy to implement and can be a security booster for your account on the largest social network in the world.

Suppose you were startled by this warning, or at least became more vigilant, then let us explain why the system has now arrived in our country.

What is Facebook protection?

Certain people, such as candidates, elected representatives and political campaigns, can be targets of malicious individuals on social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. Accounts facing more threats during the election period may need additional protection. So, says Meta, Facebook Protection Program Created.

Thus, the accounts participating in the program will receive assistance from the company to adopt stronger security measures, such as Two-factor authentication and monitoring for potential intrusion threats.

To ensure the security of Pages, all administrators of shared Pages must have permission to post on them. This also applies to individual Page Administrators who have opted out of the Program. Authorization to post on a page requires that the people who manage these pages secure their account with two-factor authentication and confirm the country of the primary site.

Additionally, it requires Page admins to run the Page with a real-name profile, which is the only individual profile on the platform.

So the idea, for the company, is to stop the actions of malicious individuals. However, Target says, it is possible that it will never be possible to detect all of the malicious individuals. In this sense, this program is one of the many measures that are taken to prevent accounts from being harmed.

How do I register?

People who can qualify for Facebook Protect will see notifications on Facebook to learn more about the program and apply. Secondly InformationThe company plans to continue expanding the program globally through 2021 and will provide updates on the progress of this mission.

Thus, with this feature, Meta wants to enhance the security of users who are most vulnerable to attacks. Basically, users will be more active, trustworthy and with an action beyond their profiles.

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