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“You have a lack of attention above the normal range.”

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MAriza was one of the people who visited Cristina Ferrera in her new home on TVI. The meeting between the two arose over a song that the Fado singer will release next Sunday, on Mother’s Day, written by her nine-year-old son, Martim.

“He has a lack of attention more than usual. I started noticing when he was afraid to go to school. I realized that he had a lot of difficulty reading and writing.”According to him, noting that since October, after changing schools, the boy had made a “great effort” to learn to read and write.

After gaining this information, the Fado singer said that Martim spent three days writing the poem that led to “Mai”.

“It never occurred to me to ask the teacher to help write a letter to the mother. The teacher said everything is in his head,” she says, visibly proud.

“It is a declaration of love in which he says that my heart and his will will forever be together. And our waiting for him was worth it. […] I decided to sing, not with the intention of being a commercial thing, but to have a personal record of myself and my son, which will remain with me throughout my life. “ I noticed.

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