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You have to fight from quarter to quarter - VG

You have to fight from quarter to quarter – VG

City War: Smoke rises from Severodonetsk, while intense city wars are raging on the city streets.

The battle of Sievjerodonetsk is in full swing and the Russians are advancing into the city center.


The city of Severodonetsk is the subject of a decisive battle in Luhansk Oblast. The Russians set themselves the goal of occupying the city on their way to Ukraine. This is after they had to abandon the offensive against Kyiv and Kharkiv earlier this spring.

Heavy street fighting is now taking place between Russian and Ukrainian forces on the ground in the city. The governor of the Ukrainian region resigned several times Interview by VG. He asserts that there is a continuous bombardment of the city.

Governor says according to BBC The bombing of the city is so strong that one stops counting the casualties.

Governor Serhi Hajjaj confirmed on Monday that the Russians were advancing into the city. Their other goal is also to occupy the main road to the city. Only a small percentage of the province is in the hands of the Ukrainians.

On Monday, two civilians were killed in the fighting. Five wounded.

Without water supply

Furthermore, he says, there is no longer any access to gas or water in the city. According to the governor, one million people in Luhansk province do not have access to water.

Unfortunately, we have disappointing news. Hajjaj says the enemy is moving to the city.

Towards the city: A Russian tank launched propaganda material in the direction of Severodonetsk last week.

He had previously promised that Ukrainian forces would do everything in their power to prevent the Russians from occupying the city. The Institute for the Study of War Research Institute estimates that it will take time to conquer such urban areas.

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They argue that the battle for the city is too costly for Russia, both in terms of military resources and crews.

From experience, big losses

Lieutenant-Colonel at the Palle Ydstebø War School, says the Russians are making strong artillery protection against homes and parts of the city. At the same time, they entered with tanks and armored vehicles to drive the Ukrainian troops out of the city.

In recent days, Russia has crept into Severodonetsk from three sides: northwest, east and southeast. It is not clear if they were able to squeeze into the city center, or if they were on the outskirts of the city.

– But there are difficult battles to control, which lasted for a few days.

Lieutenant Colonel at War School, Palle Ydstebø

From experience, Russia has suffered relatively large losses in these types of city wars, he says.

You have to fight quarter to quarter, room to room. The Ukrainian defense can choose how it wants to reveal itself, and with good preparation and good tactics can launch counterattacks.

When the Russians manage to seize a quarter or a house, there is often a counterattack to drive out the Russians.

And all the time, Ukrainians will have to think about whether it is worth keeping the city. But Sievjerodonetsk is the last major city in Luhansk still controlled by the Ukrainians, and thus could be politically significant, says Ydstebø.

– It is important to preserve the city, both to preserve the last remnants of Donetsk, but also to use these city wars to inflict losses on the Russians.

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Research center The Institute for the Study of War wrote in its latest update that Russian forces control areas northeast and southeast of the city, and continue to gain ground within the city.

RUINS: A building in Sevierodonetsk was destroyed by Russian artillery fire.

big loss

Both Ukraine and Russia suffered heavy losses in the city. Ukrainian forces lie in ruins and do their best to halt or limit the Russian advance.

According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, all vital infrastructure in Severodonetsk was destroyed in the Russian attacks. Most of the city’s residents have fled, but there are still several thousand among the ruins.

The question is whether the city will be the new Mariupol.