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“You must not deeply tolerate injustice that does not affect yourself!”

“You must not deeply tolerate injustice that does not affect yourself!”

(The job as an interpreter for Norwegian forces in Afghanistan led the Taliban to call Faizullah Moradi a traitor. In 2018, he was granted permanent residence in Norway. This post was posted on Facebook on Saturday night. The post was copied with his permission)

Facebook asks; what am i thinking

I don’t know if this is the right place to share my thoughts here on Facebook.

But this time I do it anyway.

Tonight I’m struggling to sleep. Because the tanks are not in place. They migrate to the long-awaited coffin. They travel to where I was born and raised – Afghanistan.

Because there it burns everything and everything that exists: people, values ​​and culture.

And those who sit with strength and a solution that can extinguish the flames of violence. They just sleep, hmm. as best as possible.

No one like Arnulf Overland could warn them. As he did in his poem before the start of World War II:

We don’t even know what we’re waiting for,

And who might be next, they bring.

We moan and scream – but do you hear?

You can’t do anything at all?

Nobody can see us. no one knows

What will happen to us.

Ennu Mer:

Nobody can believe what is happening here daily!

You should not sit safely in your home

And they say: Sad, poor people!

You shouldn’t tolerate too well

Injustice that does not touch yourself!

I shout with the last breath of my voice:

You are not allowed to go there and forget!

I scream in the dark – oh, do you hear!

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There is only one thing to do:

Protect yourself while you are hands free!

Save your children! Europe is burning!

This time, Europe does not burn.

It’s Afghanistan, it’s Afghanistan. Afghan children must be saved.

Please, you must not sleep! The Afghan army is on the defensive. They do not attack, they defend. Try to maintain order and calm. At least in large cities and places of strategic and economic importance to Afghanistan.

Hundreds of terrorists now die every day in the fighting in Afghanistan. Then they come back stronger than last time. One may ask how many are there? Why are they not missing? from where they are? Where do they get all the support? Who the hell wants my country to burn to ruin?

Those at the top have all the answers!

I hope that my home country, Norway, which ranks second on the United Nations Security Council with other countries, can put pressure on both sides of the conflict. To reach an agreement and end the senseless war.