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You must play: "Lego Star Wars - The Skywalker Saga"

You must play: “Lego Star Wars – The Skywalker Saga”

The force in this video game is strong. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga from Traveler’s Tales is a tongue-in-cheek action-adventure for the whole family.

Stuttgart – “Star Wars” fans have not been easy in recent years. A confusing sequel to the movie trilogy and any video game complement faced a decent streaming series like “The Mondorian”.

A Rare Ray of Hope: Development Studio Travelers Tales. For more than 15 years, Star Wars has continued to offer comic items in the universe with its Lego games.

Instead of Battle Pathos and the Melodramatic Family Talians, Luke Skywalker and his friends go “Lego Star Wars – The Skywalker Saga” with a lot of self-mockery. The combination of combat, skill tests and collection games can entice millions of viewers of all ages. “The Skywalker Saga” offers more action compared to its predecessors without sacrificing the well-known comedy of the series.

At a time in the distant future

“The Skywalker Saga” tells the complete story of the blockbuster epic in abbreviated form. In the nine episodes of the movie Saga, Luke, Yoda and Ray hunt in space, fight against evil storm troops, learn about the Jedi’s power and destroy one or the other Death Star.

In the Star Wars universe almost every character and every spacecraft appears and ensures nostalgic feeling-good moments for fans big and small. If you like, you can go out in pairs and enjoy the adventure on a split screen from the bed.

Playfully this is a typical action adventure from a shoulder perspective. Fans run into one of the well-known Star Wars characters and engage in exciting battles with the Empire. Using blasters or light sabers, they use their force abilities to jump on their enemies and send enemies flying.

Pew Pew! Lego Princess grabs her plaster and engages in a fight against the storm troops of the Empire.

© The LEGO Group / STAR WARS & Lucasfilm Ltd. & Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc / dpa-tmn

Countless vehicles such as ground gliders or large combat engines called AT-AT equalize everything that comes under the player’s control.

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Trips are simple summaries of iconic moments in film history. Most of the time it is a successful advance to the end of the division. The highlight is the boss fight against Darth Vader or the other famous villains in the series.

Lots of eye-popping fun action scenes

But no matter how defensive it may seem – like its predecessors – this game is not a brutal action-thunder, but a petty adventure with a Lego look. Where the original is dominated by pathos and drama, Travelers’ Tales breaks even the most depressing moment with paradox.

Come on, a metal monster is coming! The Evor Skywalker in the endorsement forest moon appears in the saga.

© The LEGO Group / STAR WARS & Lucasfilm Ltd. & Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc / dpa-tmn

Darth Vader, who falls like dominoes during the parade, sips a hot coffee before his first voyage, and in space battle enemy spaceships push each other out in slapstick style.

Lego would not be Lego if players could not enjoy breaking most of the environment into smaller Lego construction blocks. Not only do they bring in a lot of money to open new characters, but they also form the basis for creating new equipment. The cannon to knock out a stubborn enemy like a terminal or the famous bounty hunter Boba Fed to open the way is often missing.

“Mark the feet!” Despite all the dexterity of the hand some fights ensued. Dual gliders here against AT-AT fighters at Ice World Hoth.

© The LEGO Group / STAR WARS & Lucasfilm Ltd. & Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc / dpa-tmn

Players do not have to prove any special ability during construction – everything happens at the push of a button. Too bad, regular Lego crafting fun would have given the game some more benefits.

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Important: Teamwork and special skills

In many moments, the special abilities of the characters are calculated. Hon Solo is a master shooter who aims at targets in slow motion. Jedi Apprentice Ray uses his military skills to build small towers and reach high ground. Stormtroopers open new avenues with grenades and robots like R2-D2 at the terminals with little switch puzzles.

It offers many playful possibilities. You can improve some of these skills with the Lego bricks you collect. But: it takes dozens of hours for players to unlock all the characters and abilities. Some parts can only be visited with the right hero, who opens new parts with their skill. That is why the game is far from over after defeating the evil empire.

“Free Play” allows you to explore and test the hero’s abilities without the pressure of time. What Future Jedi Knights Should Not Expect: A Big Playful Challenge. No one can die here and fights are easy even for inexperienced players.

“Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga” focuses on uncomplicated fun, enjoying the best Lego look of timeless on both old and new consoles. Colorful action fun for the whole family.


Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga from Traveler’s Tales Published by Warner Bros. Interactive. Runs on PC, PS4 / 5, Xbox One / Series, Nintendo Switch. It costs about 60 euros. USK: From 12 years. dpa