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“You must report and file a complaint at your police station.”

“You must report and file a complaint at your police station.”

WLudio Ramos also saw that his name and image were being used inappropriately and decided to alert his fans.

Through a statement he shared in stories on his Instagram page, the TVI presenter said: “There are people with fake profiles online who pretend to be me to deceive them. They even ask for money from potential followers, arrange meetings, and reveal information and information.” Places where you will meet me.

I know that loneliness and, often times, lack of interest can lead to a follower thinking they have spoken to me or that they have arranged a meeting. It seems obvious to me that I wouldn't do that. But still, I warn you that this is the only thing I can do. Not right. not me. I don't schedule meetings. I don't feed conversations. I don't ask for money.

The social network contains good and bad. It is our responsibility to know how to use it. If you pay attention, you'll realize it's not me. You must report this and file a complaint with your police station.

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